Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's always a first....

Today is a first for me! I have never even been on twitter or any other blogging site. I already spend too much time on Facebook and celebrity gossip sites, so I never gave into the temptation to blog in case of experiencing enjoyment from it. Blogging can be time consuming and addicting and I wasn't quite up for the challenge. At least not until 12.31.09 when a friend approached me and asked me why not? Why was I not sharing my entertaining ideas, how to throw a successful party, etc.

What began as a joke, quickly became a thought. I took a few days and let what my friend said marinate and decided she was right. She's the type of friend who tells you everything you already know, but you never want to step out of your comfort zone. She's wiser than she knows and always allows me to see things in a new light. Thank you SSJ, I think you are onto something. At least I hope.


  1. you are too cute! I think maybe you ARE on to something! love you!

  2. I knew it was SJ! Love you girls!

  3. Such a great idea Kelly!! I love all your stories!! ♥ ya and I'll see you soon!! :-)