Thursday, December 30, 2010

My wish.

I spoke with a dear "friend" of mine on Christmas night whom sounded for the first time in a long time:

at peace
and most importantly in love.

I mentioned to him how much the Christmas card he sent us meant to me.

In all the years I've known him, I had never received a Christmas card from him until this year.

It was a beautiful card, with words of his own written in it as well.

He told me what made his Christmas special, and then I told him that his Christmas card is what made mine.

I am not sure if he believed me, but I was telling the truth.

It really did.

He said to me "Well, you know all those years I was in the wrong place and my priorities were wrong"

As we hung up the phone, I began to think about what was different this year than any other year?

Two simple words are the difference for this friend of mine.


Being in love can change you.

It can change you for the better and/or for the worst.

In this situation love was all he needed.

The Beatles said it perfectly, "All you need is Love"

Although this idea seems a bit ridiculous and unrealistic.

I think it's true.

This friend of mine is:

In love with himself and who he has become for the first time in his life.

In love with his future spouse

In love with his relationship with his God.

In love with his life.


In love with the idea of his future and what it holds.

So if you ask me what makes one happy.

I will simply say, being in love.

I witnessed it first hand on Christmas night and I just wanted to share the tears of joy I weeped for my dear friend.

Wishing all friends on earth the opportunity to be In-Love,

Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you a PC?

Are you a PC?

Actually, I'm not.

I'm a MAC.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

Ever since I moved to South Carolina, I have stopped saying Merry Christmas as much.

I pretty much don't like it either.

I have met a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses and people of other beliefs who don't celebrate Christmas.

Well, so what! If you ask me.

I expect people of the Jewish belief to say Happy Hannukah to me, so I why can't I say Merry Christmas?

I don't know why South Carolina is any different than Virginia, but people don't say it as much here.

You would think the opposite with it being the "Bible Belt" and all, but it's not.

I respect and appreciate most religions so I expect others to do the same for me.

I wish I wasn't so PC.

Actually, I am going to try to not be in 2011.

Maybe it will be one of my resolutions.

Yesterday I said Merry Christmas to someone I know celebrates Christmas and they responded back with Happy Holidays.

What? Didn't I just say it to you so you should know it's ok to say it to me?

I don't get it.

And I also don't think it's the words that matter but the idea that you are wishing good will and fortune to someone this time of year.

I don't care if you say "Merry Flippin Pancakes" to me, I understand that you are wishing me "something" nice and warm and fuzzy.

I am silly, I know.

But guess what y'all.......


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do ya think my tractor's sexy?

Last night the husband and I ventured out to Wal-Mart to purchase items for the family of 5 we are sponsoring through the HALOS Organization.

They are a wonderful organization that I chose for my professional insurance association NAIFA to sponsor. This is our second year and I am in charge of the project.

Anyhow, Wal-Mart is out of control this time of year and in more ways than one.

I do not want to get political so I won't.

However, I will mention a little beef I have with buying toys.

You see, in looking for a Princess Scooter for the 4 year old girl in the family we are giving to...I found something I personally want if I could fit in it.
John Deere Kids Truck

However, I feel like I am little too big.

I REALLY want one of these.....for my farm! (this is the real deal)

However, this is almost $10,000 so I am going to have to wait for this.

I imagine myself tending to my garden and taking my husband for a ride on it. HA.

Let me get back to my Wal-Mart trip.

The John Deere truck for kids was $350!

That seems a little high to me. Plus it is something the child will outgrow.

I am thinking that spending $300 on a Wii makes a lot more sense than paying $300+ for a toy that the child can outgrow.

I have always the thought the Wii craze was a little outrageous but now it is making more and more sense.

What do you think?

A Wii (electronic device) or a Toy that the child will outgrow?

What do you think?
Is it a waste or is it all about the experience for the child?

I an not saying that gifts from Grandma and Grandpa would not be accepted, but as a parent I am not sure I would buy this.

For the record,
I say this now, but all bets are off once I become a parent.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Pepper Anyone?

Tonight I made a recipe that I have been wanting to make since September.

During our Saturday grocery store trip, I finally remembered to get the ingredients I needed to make it this week.

I wasn't quite sure exactly when I was going to make it, but the 30 degree weather definitely solidified my choice tonight.

This recipe is linked to a blog I read called Detox and Purification Program.

This is the blog for the local Charleston nutritionist who sponsors the 21 day detox I completed in September.

This recipe is featured as a recipe on Day 11 of the detox. Click on the link if you want to visit the blog.

I was not in the mood for soup when I was on the cleanse so it was perfect for a cold night like tonight.

The recipe serves one, but I had plenty leftover and packed it up for a part of my lunch tomorrow.

This soup was so delish and filling.

Also, once I got my ingredients in the blender is took no time to make.

I would say it took me 15 minutes in total from beginning to end.

Processing and heating up on the stove.

This was super easy and super fast!

So no excuses not to try this one, unless you don't like red peppers.

Okay, here it is:

Creamy Red Pepper Soup

1 red pepper

1 cup warm water

½ large avocado

5 baby carrots

1 tsp. onion, chopped

½ tsp. garlic, chopped

½ tsp. jalapeƱo pepper

½ tsp. Celtic Sea Salt®

Blend all ingredients in food processor until thick, & smooth (this took about 15 seconds in my processor). Heat soup in a saucepan until warm. Serve immediately.

It is seriously that simple and it's healthy.

It is approved for the detox which means it is super good for you!


Is anyone else secretly hooked to Lifetime and The Hallmark Channel this month?

I can't get enough Christmas movies! My husband is a little concerned.

Night night,

Friday, December 10, 2010


I am woman, hear me roar

In numbers too big to ignore

And I know too much to go back an' pretend

'cause I've heard it all before

And I've been down there on the floor

No one's ever gonna keep me down again

I woke up singing this song.

Although, I did not know all the lyrics..I hummed along to the tune.

I needed this song to motivate me this morning.

Thought you might need it to!

Happy Friday,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret Santa, I mean "Obsession"

As a teenager, my brother watched TWC- The Weather Channel like it was a television program.

Eating his fourth bowl of Captain Crunch he was always in a daze. Just shoveling the spoon in his mouth as the weatherman spit out the weather forecast.

I was always so perplexed by this.

How could one seriously watch this channel all day?

His entire life depended on the weather (at least he thought so at the time, I bet if you asked my Mom she would have disagreed)

He was either watching for the next hurricane to arrive on the East Coast for some waves or a little snow in SouthWest Va so he could do some "flippy tricks" on his snowboard.

He was pretty fantastic at both so I don't blame him for wanting a good forecast in order to show-off his talents.

You see, you learn a lot from big brothers.

Even though at times, you wonder if you ever will.

Besides, how to give your little sister a "noogy" or how to pin your sister down in 3 seconds FLAT.

(he was also a "wrastler"- his only indoor sport)

So the pondering of The Weather Channel obsession has never left me.

Now I am married to a landscape designer who Surfs and Hunts for fun.

Ok, there you go more weather permitting activities.

The weather has become a pretty important aspect of my life.

I tend to always make conversation with strangers about the weather.

I think everyone does this, right?

Actually, NO!

Most people don't talk to strangers.

I digress.

Anyhow, so I have a secret.

Do you have a secret?

I have a secret that I do not wish to share, but feel I must in order to complete my thoughts for this post.

Here it goes:

I have become a techy nerd when it comes to my iPhone.

I don't have a ton of apps, but my iPhone is one of my closest pals.

I know, I know this sounds disgusting and ridiculous.

I know, this is why it's a secret.
I admit before I even to say Good Morning to the dogs or get out of bed- my phone is in hand and I always check the weather first and then see who might have "scrabbled" me while I was sleeping.

I have begun to feel guilty about this, but I have found someone to blame.

You see, it's not my fault that my husband's work day depends on the weather or that I grew up with a brother so close to weatherman either.

I blame external factors.

Is that fair? Am I off the hook?

Maybe just maybe, it might have a little to do with if I am going to wear open-toed shoes on a brisk morning or if I am flaunting a skirt or a pair of wool pants!

Fashion only is 10% to blame.

I check the temperature not just in the morning, but probably every hour.

I know, completely obsessive. and totally ME!

Sometimes you just have to embrace the things you obsess over, give them a big hug, and accept that you are a bit whack.

That's what I do!