Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Am I the only one?

How 'bout a little comic relief, shall we?

Often when visiting public restrooms, I come across an empty roll of toilet paper.

Last night, the above happened.

For some reason, I hesitated.

Do you know why?

Because I was slightly irritated that the last person in there who "used the last bit of toilet paper" didn't change it.

Isn't that irritating?

I mean there were five extra rolls in the stall right there in front of them to do it!

Then I began to think.

Am I the only one nice enough to help the manager out and change it myself?

Please people, tell me you are not too lazy to do this too.

For some reason, I began to think of people I know and considered who probably changes it and who doesn't.

I am aware that this is an odd thought, but it's the same people who don't change the roll in the public restroom -who don't do it when they visit my house!

I know, I know I am anal.

I know this.

Funny thing is I don't even care if the roll is over or under, I just want you to change it if you are the last one.

I realize that there is not a "Toilet Paper Sheriff" in town, unless I decide to monitor the bathroom use at my house, but still come on it's common courtesy.

Unless you are under the age of 16, you should be deemed capable of changing the roll of TP.

Just my opinion.

Ok, back to the public restroom thing.

Of course I do not do this at RestStops on I-95 or any other place where you have to have a lock and key to get into to those things, but last night was a nice seafood restaurant in Charleston, in which I felt I was capable of changing the roll myself.

So I challenge you to take part in my TP Initiative and change the roll whenever you can or see fit.

The "Interim" TP Sheriff,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Someone's Listening....

I have no real good reason that I have not posted in 16 days.

All I have to say is that August flew by and lots is happening around these parts.

Personally and professionally I have been super busy and managed to read two books since the last time I posted on here.

Oops! Please forgive a busy girl.

When I started this blog, it was intended for entertaining and all things related to the before subject.

I have somehow managed to blog about my opinions, interests, and family more than entertaining.

Oh Hells Bells! Who the heck cares, right?

As long as I offer something that is carefree, you don't mind right?

At least, I hope.

This month, I learned a few things but mainly ONE thing that stands out.

Some ONE is listening to my wants, needs, prayers.

Actually, a few are.

Let me explain.

Last year while antiquing in North Carolina I came across some vintage pyrex mixing bowls that were a set of multi-color bowls.

I fell in love with them and even though, I did not purchase them that day I could not get them out of my mind.

I mentioned them to my fantastic mother in-law and surprisingly Christmas morning, Santa Stace delivered them to me!


I was so excited! How did she find the exact ones! Turns out, she had them in her china cabinet and I had never noticed!
She also gave me these.
I love these for appetizer dips and for small leftovers.

Then after telling a friend about my "awesome" mixing bowls she mentioned that her sister had a similar casserole dish that she disliked that I would most likely love!

Score for me!

So this month, the above mentioned friend came to visit me, she arrived bearing gifts.

None other, than with the yellow casserole dish. Clear lid and All!

These things are like candy to me!

My in-laws came to visit that same week and also came bearing gifts.

Two more Vintage Pyrex dishes that she found at a local garage sale!

Who would throw/give these away!

They are heirlooms that can be passed down!

In my opinion.

I realize that most people do not get as excited about these as I do. But I am loving all of my vintage dishes.

They are circa 1950's.....

One square and one oval!

How fun!

I am so excited by all this COLOR!

I cannot wait to use all of these!

Someone WAS listening.

This made me realize that I am surrounded by wonderful people that feel I deserve gifts.

Thank you for all these splendid gifts and for all the great finds.

One man's trash is another's Jackpot!

I just found this blog completely dedicated to PYREX!

I'm in love!

Check it out, I want to decorate my "apt" in all Pyrex! I love all things vintage.

There is something to be said about things that have a story and have been around a while.

I am in love with all of the rooster, wheat, corn, patterns.

I've got to get more!

Love love love.

I know, I'm an old soul.

I can't help it!

Thank you again to all of you who love me enough to bring me Pyrex!

Love Vintage Pyrex Girl,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kitty Kat

This week I have really been missing my Grandmother Kitty.

I am not sure if it is as I get older and realize how special the times were we had together or if it is because I am trying to begin the same traditions in my own family.

Together my grandparents were world travelers, Shriners, drinkers, and the life of the party.

The women still love Poppa with his harmonica in hand, he could easily have a new lady, but he chooses to cherish my grandmother and all her Pizazz.

She sure was a lady, my grandmother.

Her smile lit up the room and Poppa's musicality is one to envy.

They were the best together and the times we had were crazy, fun, and completely educational.

We learned:

How to snap green beans.

How to label our toothbrushes

Cereal is the Breakfast of champions

Pineapple calendars are the best

Always keep Coca-Cola in the fridge for a hangover

How to throw the best "tea party"

That Poppa naps after every meal, you must be quiet during this time

Always keep a AAA trash bag in the car for your "candy wrappers"

How to plan your meals two weeks in advance

How to read a Trip-Tik (do these even exist anymore?)

What trees are safe enough to climb and how not to get caught climbing the one's you're not supposed to climb

That Bush Light beer is good, or it's really cheap, either way it was always in the fridge (I'll have to ask Poppa about this)

To Always have two types of tea in the fridge- Sweet and UnSweetened or is it "really sweet" and "sort of sweet"?

Not to make the rocking chair bounce or the china cabinet will shake (oops, I did this a lot!)

That peanuts are a great snack especially the Planter's Honey Roasted!

That Lifetime movies Rock! and that WWE and WWF Wrestling is fake! (I almost cried when I found this out! haha!)

Keep the AC on high while traveling on road trips to help you stay awake, what? ( I was always FREEZING! I blame Poppa!)

That it's ok if you don't know anyone at your family reunion. You're family, so go give everyone a hug even if you don't know
them (this can be a bit odd for a 10 year old)

To treat your travel camper as if it is your home, still have "tea parties" every night and make your bed.

To sweep your outside rug under the awning of the camper. What? (It's outside it's ok if a piece of pine straw hits it, nope! Grandmother treated it like it was inside. Must sweep whenever one is bored.)

To always look busy while camping, so you do not have to do the above task. ;-)

To always have on lipstick and mascara no matter what! You never know when an unexpected guest may arrive.

That Avon boxes make great travel companions for covered dishes, so they won't spill. (Just the other night, I was wishing I had one to transport two dishes to a dinner party)

Avon apparently is the best product for no wrinkles. (I am pretty sure Grandmother had no wrinkles they day she passed, she was beautiful.)

That you must always have bubbles when you take a bath and of course they must be Avon brand!

I could go on and on.

I feel so great just writing all of this down.

We have learned so many things from her.

Momma, Aunt Debbie, Lisa, Amy, and I even though we are each a bit different we all share the most wonderful woman in the world.

She taught us how to value and cherish every thing you have no matter how much it cost, keep a nice house, and to always welcome guests.

Sound familiar?

I'm pretty sure each of us live by her rules, since we all love to entertain.

She was the best. I can't even explain it.

I decided to create a playlist of songs that remind me of her.
Each song has its own special meaning and memory behind it.
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms Doc Watson and David Holt
On the Road Again Willie Nelson
Good Hearted Woman (feat. Willie Nelson) [Live] Waylon Jennings
Georgia On My Mind Willie Nelson
Crazy Patsy Cline
Always On My Mind Willie Nelson
I Love You Truely Sammy Kayne
Amazing Grace LeAnn Rimes
Bridge Over Troubled Water Aaron Neville
Come Up And See Me Sometime Mae West
I Believe In Santa Claus Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

Do you have a playlist for your grandparents?

Music is my muse, so I am glad I created this so I can listen to it whenever I want to think of Grandmother and Poppa.

Grandparents are just the best and I hope one day I have a granddaughter blogging about how special her Khak was.

To family,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vanity or Creativity?

In today's society we have many ways to express ourselves.

Instant Messenger ID names
Blog Names
Facebook Profiles
Vanity Phone Numbers
Vanity License Plates.

You name it, our country has a way for you to express yourself.

Have you ever considered your Wireless Network as one of these mediums?

Well, me either until this morning.

On my way to work this morning as I approached the stop sign at the end of my street, the wireless network of a neighbor popped up on my phone.

I have an iphone so of course it picks up networks for you to use as you leave your 3G network.

That's the technical part for those of you who have what I call "old school" phones.
(No offense to them, that's just what I refer to them as)

Anyhow, back to my story.

The name of the network that popped onto my phone screen was "FaceJugs"

Really? FaceJugs?

Do you really want all of your neighbors to know that you have named your wireless network "FaceJugs"

So strange.

On my street there are also the following wireless networks:


Diversity, right?

I guess variety really is the spice of life.

People are so interesting to me.

I am seriously considering walking door to door and asking people what motivated them to name their networks the way they did.

I am such a curious person when it comes to people's actions and motivations.

I know, I had a personalized license plate in my early driving years, but when I think about it now...I have no idea why I did.

Why would I want people to sort of know what my last name is? I don't consider this safe anymore.

For instance, "BethVB8" does not seem wise to use for a girl named Beth who lives in Virginia Beach on 8th Street.

You get what I'm sayin'?

Same for wireless networks, why did the one person put their address on theirs. I don't know, so people can stand on their porch and use their wireless?

Guess so...

I don't know, is it just me?

So odd. So weird. So strange.

What's your wireless network called?

Has this post motivated you to rename your network?

If not, it has at least given you the urge to snoop and see what your neighbors' networks are called.

I bet you are doing it right now?

Am I right?

Just askin'

Ok, update on this post. This morning I found two more networks on my street.

Ching Chang Chong and Hallucinogenic Tiger

This is getting more interesting.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I waited 5 years for this?

We consider ourselves "fly-by-the-seat-of-our pants" people so we woke up Saturday morning and headed out on an adventure.

I had a few things in mind that I wanted to accomplish along the way of our "local" road trip.

First, we headed to Myrtle Beach in search of a dump trailer for Aaron's landscaping biz. He found it on craigslist and wanted to see it in person.

Sounds good to me.

I on the other hand, said "ok, let's make a day of it".

You see, there is a "famous" barbeque joint in Holly Hill, SC that I have always wanted to go to.

In the five years that I have lived here the timing has never allowed me to visit this juncture.

I said, let's make a detour and head there after Myrtle?

We thought what the heck, ok.

This place is known for their all you can eat buffett as well as their sweet sweet tea and banana pudding.

You pay $0.71 extra for the puddin'. It must be worth it right?

We drove three hours out of our way to go to Sweatman's

The online reviews, plus personal references have proved that it is worth it.

Sweatman's is only 45 minutes from Downtown Charleston but since we took the scenic country route from Myrtle Beach, it was 3 hours out of the way.

As we drove into the quaint very small town of Holly Hill, Aaron started pumping me up about this place.

The fried chicken, the barbeque, the ribs, he went on and on and on.

We came around the bend of the country road.......

We found this....

and this.....

Holy heck!
You've got to be kidding me..
Of ALL the days that we could have picked to drive here, this is what we find. They close the last week in July every year.

A few locals let us in on that.

Aaron had talked this place up more than Wally World.

Aaron is known to act like Clark with his Christmas lights, crazy antics, and ridiculous outburts.

I wasn't sure how he was going to react.

We could not stop laughing while at the same time crying.

Plus, I was starving....

Aaron said "get out, I'm taking your picture!"

I could barely keep a straight face, we laughed so hard.

It had just started to rain and Aaron said "We're not leaving, we're gonna go peach pick'in.

In the RAIN!!!!

Ok, whatever, I said.

On we went.
As we arrived they were closing, so we came home with this instead.....
I can't even explain to you how good these are.
When we told the lady who owned the farm that we lived in the "city", she insisted that we buy some peaches.
Now, I know why!

These puppies are double the size of the ones we just bought at the grocery store.

Check this out. Look at the difference.

We decided that we are going to can some of these and we are actually going to do this the right way.

We went and got all of our canning supplies this morning.
Canning Bath
Mason Jars
Fruit Fresh

We will be canning this evening so look out for a follow-up post.

This should be fun!

PS. In case you didn't know I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. We were meant to visit the peach farm for a reason. I'll explain later on that, but I will say that our future orchard plan is moving onward. Great ideas and influences were found yesterday!

Cheers to the road less traveled and an 8 hour car trip around SC!