Friday, April 30, 2010

What's in a name?

The definition of GodMother according to Wikipedia is:

Traditionally, godparents were informally responsible for ensuring the child's religious education was carried out, and for caring for the child should they be orphaned. Today, the word godparent might not have explicitly religious overtones. The modern view of a godparent tends to be an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing and personal development.

What does a GodMother or Father mean to you? and I don't mean this one:

My husband has the best GodMother ever. She sends a card for every holiday, always gives Aaron and I really generous holiday gifts, calls to check in when we are in town, always offers a big hug to us both when we see her, and most importantly is honestly interested in our life in Charleston and asks about our hopes and dreams.

She is the sweetest. Let's just call her Mrs. J.

Her husband is also pretty awesome. He is the quiet type, but with the best Smile and a great laugh.

I have not told you the best part about Mrs. J yet.

She makes her own cards.

Yes, she is crafty and oh so talented.

She recycles invitations, cuts them up, and creates her own card for you to go with your gift.

For my bridal shower she used the invitation to the shower for my card.

She cut it up re-used the letters, graphics, etc and voila a new card was born and there you go!

The first time she did this for me, I felt something familiar. As I looked closer I realized what she had done and everyone at the party was amazed.

The card got passed around and placed next to the invitation as a comparison.

I have tried to use her crafty idea a time or two, but I don't even think the recipient even noticed. After all that hard work and no recognition. Bummer.
(I must have not done a good enough job.)

This idea is very time consuming, atleast for me. I struggle in the arts and crafts department, but worth it.

I think we all like to know that someone took the time to make us smile. So the next time you receive an invite that you covet, turn it into your own masterpiece and make someone smile.

Cheers to Mrs. J and other God Parents for the responsibility they hold.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

a litte bit of this and little bit of that

I have A LOT to say today. Wow, what a day it has been already.

1. Last night, I celebrated my 3rd Wedding Anniversary and it was so wonderful. I love the man I married.
This is where my husband took me to dinner. They catered our wedding so it was a meaningful choice.

2. A Little story about my trip to the bank today:

Bank Teller: Mrs. Stace would you like a copy of your balance today?

Me: No thanks. I'm good.

Bank Teller: Oh ok, with a half smile

Me: I already know it's low so I don't need a reminder.

Bank Teller: (busts out laughing)....Yeah, I feel your pain. I'm glad we get paid tomorrow cuz' I'm scraping by

Ok, so obviously the bank teller and I had a "moment" there didn't we?

She probably gave up too much information about herself, but basically she knows everything about me!

I have always felt like Bank Tellers know the secrets of the world since they know how much money everyone has. It's almost like they know the answers to the questions that no one else knows.

Does that make sense, what I'm saying?

Since I keep most of my accounts with a particular bank, I bet you this bank teller
A. Guess my credit score
B. Tell the world where I buy my groceries
C. Tell if I have a 6 month emergency fund saved up

I always feel completely exposed when I go into the bank.
Am I the only one, Please tell me I'm not..........

3. I need to piggyback on yesterday's post.
As I was receiving all of your comments, I began to think what do you think the equivalent of a "BAD HAIR DAY" for a man is?

Any guesses....

I was thinking and I can't think of much...which leads me to believe Men definitely got the good end of the stick.

What's up with that?

They don't have bad hair days
They have no idea what dealing with a monthly menstrual cycle is like
They don't have to carry a baby for nine months and then deal with trying to lose the baby weight.
If they did have to carry a baby for nine months, they wouldn't worry about losing the baby weight
They feel ok if they leave their house without make-up on
They don't have to wear high heels to feel sexy...

I mean, come on. The list goes on and on.

I am going to take a wild guess and say:

Men's equivalent to a bad hair day is forgetting to put on deodorant.

I don't have a clue...

OK, so this is a challenge...

Go ask the first man you see and ask them what is a "bad hair day to them"?

Then, post your response in the comments section.

I can't wait to see the answers...

Signing out with an ok hair day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's in the (H)air!

A recent poll done by Shop Smart Magazine a division of Consumer Reports found that 44% of women say their mood has been affected by a bad hair day. .

Can you believe this?

Of course you can.

Why, because you've had a bad hair day yourself. And If you say you haven't, you are LYING!

In case you readers did not know, I am attempting to grow my hair out.

In high school, I had long hair but every time it grew to my "bra strap line on my back"
(this was always the goal, and apparently still is because I still look to see how far I have to go. Silly, I know.)

I would cut it. I don't mean trim, I mean butcher.

I am not sure why this phenomenon existed, except that it really p*ssed my Mom off, so being a teenager in all, maybe that's why I did it. Who knows?

Anyhow, I feel like I have been growing and chopping off for my entire life. As soon as I grow it out, I chop it to my chin.

I have used:
Mane and Tail for horses to make it grow.
Spiral Permed (that was a long long time ago)
Used the Crimping Iron
Created the wave bangs of the 80's that took 30 minutes to construct with a half bottle of hairspray

I have even contemplated purchasing the hair dryer that costs about $500 but straightens and dries your hair in two minutes.

Geesh, hair is time consuming and irritating!

I hate my hair and the first invention I would invent if I was a magician, would be for me to step into a round-tubular machine, spin around a few times and voila my hair is dry and styled.

I have also asked my hairdresser on numerous occasions if she would like to come live with me so she can blow-dry my hair for me every day.

This would be quite expensive, but her skill vs. mine. Hands down is superb. I need help!

This brings me to my point.

Well, a few points.

One, my hair does not seem to be growing and I am going back on Monday and seriously contemplating telling her to chop it.

(Again, my Mom would still be P*ssed, even though, I have not lived under her roof for 13 years. She still thinks she is in charge, well we will let her think this, right?)

Second, I am an idiot!

Why, you ask?

Well, yesterday when attempting to dry my hair, the hair dryer fell on the floor and busted open.

Out came the end piece that holds all the lent in. Oh my gosh. You would not believe the amount of crap in there. I thought to myself, "oh goodness I need to clean this now".

It took me roughly one minute to do this.

I did not know or was not aware of the fact that the end piece is supposed to pop open for this reason, to be cleaned out.

I figured, I was just doing myself a favor and increasing my hair dryer's life span.

Uhm, not only am I not going to start a fire by collecting lint, I am also going to be able to dry my hair in half the time.

When I turned the dryer back on after cleaning the vent, I was blown away. Literally.

I was almost blown against the wall. The dang thing is so powerful now, my hair is drying in two seconds flat.

Not really, but a lot faster than before.

So, yes. I'm an idiot for not knowing that cleaning the vent would also help the performance of the dryer too!

Yippee! and a Hee-Haw!

I believe the statistic above. I was in a great mood yesterday simply because my hair did what it was supposed to do!

Also, it dried super fast and I was not late to my first appointment of the day.

If I had only known.

Did you guys know this?

Am I the only one who did not know performance is affected by all the crap it collects?

From your favorite Ding-Bat!

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Turn down the dial, Drama Queen"

Do you have a favorite show that's scripted lines you often want to add as your social-networking status update?

I do. I do.

I often feel the urge to change my "status update" to something witty or comical that has either happened to me that day or I view on television.

Most of the time I hold back due to the simple fact that I do not want "Sally Joe" from elementary school knowing what I am up to.

This brings me to another issue, sometimes I want to delete my current Facebook page and start a new one with only my closest friends. This way, we can converse, communicate, post pictures without feeling like the entire universe is watching. (Not to say that my life is interesting, but sometimes I feel a little exposed on the internet).

Anyhow, back to my "save the drama for yo' mama!" campaign.

This line was said last night on my favorite show Brothers and Sisters.

"Turn down the dial, Drama Queen"

L_O_V_E it!
It is so my family, and I love it for that.

We don't have as many brothers and sisters, but we have multi-personalities that make up for the lack of bodies.
That's for sure.

My reason for bringing this up is the fact that my family yearns and prospers through DRAMA!

Does yours?

I never realized this, until my insightful significant other pointed this out to me years ago.

The first time he said it, I said "What. No we don't. We do not love drama?"

Then for some reason, I could not get the thought out of my head. It's true.

It is true and it seems to get worse every day. Well maybe not every day, but at least every year it gets worse.

Why, you ask? I think it's because we love each other so much if we just sat around and hugged and smiled at each other, we would be bored.

Yes. I said it. We like the drama because it keeps it interesting, right?

Who wants a boring family that like my sister likes to say, "Sits on the beach and eats Bon-Bons".


No one likes to be bored so you gotta spice it up.

Frequent visitors to our family dinners, always know what to expect and love it.

For instance, I have one friend whom every time she attends a family function says, "I just love your family".

Do you know why she says that, it's because she gets to go home to peace and quiet.

All the while, my family is still duking it out in the kitchen while doing the dishes.

Yes, usually all of the arguments happen in the kitchen. Strange, I know.

The most interesting fact about my family's battles is that they end with peace, almost like they never happened.

The battles are meaningful, true, and honest, and then they are over. They end as quickly as they started.

Crazy, Weird. I know.

It's all I have ever known, so I am used to it. Others, not so much.

Cheers to the Fictional Walker family and all of yours!

Embrace the drama and the hugs!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How many drinks did you have?

Ever asked a significant other/husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend "HOW MANY DRINKS DID YOU HAVE?"

I know I have. After an evening out with the "boys" this questions is always asked.

Why, you ask? Well.

Maybe it's because my husband always comes home "chatty kathy" or has some crazy business idea or has a lot to say and wakes me up to say it.

Come on now people!

I support guys night 100%, I feel it is a must in order to stay in tune with your boys, catch up on life, and relax a little. I totally get it, and will never keep you from this.

I actually sometimes ask "When is your next guy night?".

Mainly, so I can have a break, but whatever the reason.

Go flourish, Enjoy!

BUT, when I ask you"HOW MANY DRINKS DID YOU HAVE?" do not look up into the sky and make up a number.

This is considered a fib. Tell me for real because I will know if you are lying.

One quiet night, a man comes home to his wife and two dogs, walks in the bedroom and starts to chat to his wife in the dark. Did he bother to ask "were you sleeping?" Well, no. Of course not.

The wife begins to listen to his crazy ideas, political views, etc. and then simply asks "HOW MANY DRINKS DID YOU HAVE?".

The man quickly answers, with no hesitation and no breath. TWO!

The wife says TWO?

OK, well then "HOW MANY DRINKS DID YOU HAVE at the house before you went?"

He shyly answers, ONE!

Ok, so here's the deal. He should have answered THREE! But instead, he answered the way that would make him to be perceived in a positive light.

You see women, we are smart.

We know what to ask next if we think you are only telling us HALF of the story.

Tell us the whole story when we ask in the beginning and then you won't be fibbing.

Tonight I am going to have ONE cocktail! Well, actually.
ONE at home.

ONE before dinner.

TWO after dinner.

Does this mean, I am going to have ONE, TWO, or FOUR?

Come on now. It's simple MaTH.

To all of you who will enjoy a simple pleasure this evening, enjoy your cocktail(s) and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

post about a post

I have received many "private" responses in regards to my earlier post "advice to myself".

Thank you for your phone calls, voicemails, and emails about this post, but please do not be afraid to comment for other readers to see. If you need help learning on how to comment, let me know and I can help.

I want to clear a few things up.

First, I want you to all to know that I am not heartbroken over the loss of this friend, nor will I ever be.

Second, I am mainly P*ssed and Disappointed, but I will not continue to have this person evade my sleep-time and contribute to loss of sleep.

Third, this person was frankly not in my INNER CIRCLE, so again refer to number one. I am not heart broken.

Fourth, this post has re-itterrated to me how well I pick friends based on the amount of friends who have called to say, I am sorry for whatever you are going through. I know my friends who have not commented, are probably trying to figure out if they are the person I am upset with and the answer is NO. I love all of my readers and you will know if I am upset with you.

Fifth, I promise all my readers one thing on this day, if you are reading this, you are not who I was speaking of. This person does not even know my blog exists. At least I don't think.

Finally, all of these items show you how unimportant this particular person is in my life anyway, maybe this is all why. Unfortunately, this person has caused a dear friend to lose sleep, shed a few tears, and reevaluate things. For this, I am livid. I am a tough cookie when it comes to protecting my friends. Don't mess with my friends, or you will hear from me. (I have made the decision to sit out of this one for now, for reasons that I cannot explain, but I make no promise to not knock this person out the next time I see them.) Peace.

On to nicer things, like puppies and flowers....

The Today Show had a story this morning about the secrets to a successful marriage. As the story was starting Aaron happened to walk in the room. He usually doesn't listen to a thing NBC says especially Matt or Meredith. Well, for some reason it caught his attention and he stopped and listened. The story had a young couple who have only been married TWO MONTHS. The fresh new husband said "out loud", "All she does is nag nag nag". Aaron looked at me and said snarky, "They're gett'n divorced". I agree.

Hello, Mr YoungMan, do not call your wife, much less wife of two months a NAG on national television. Are you flippin' crazy?

The article went on about how the success is all about the little things, men picking up their socks, helping to unload the dishwasher, not leaving your dishes in the sink, etc.

Here's the thing, I agree 100%. If my household had a permanent built-in maid, there would never be a disagreement. EVER, I mean EVER.

Isn't funny, that all the nagging goes away, when you leave your house? (well, most of the time. Then it turns into how he's driving, etc). You get my point though.

When there are not chores to be done, all is grand in LOVE and WAR. Right?

After the story was over, Aaron and I continued doing our morning routines separately. He was working on paperwork and I was getting dressed.

As I walked past Aaron, all of a sudden he said "Did you see your flowers?"

Oh no, I quickly flung myself around in disbelief that I had not noticed flowers. I must be a horrible wife. I swoop around to the kitchen and this is what I find.

Gotta love the "VASE" Champagne of Beers! I am so glad he gave it a personal touch. I actually do like this idea!

You get my drift? See, men do want to make us smile.
Sometimes they just forget how to and it ain't by leaving their socks on the floor!

Tip to you women, maybe the TODAY Show wouldn't hurt your man.
If you sneak it in a few days a week maybe he will learn something.

*Disclaimer: I am not quite sure if the Today Show story had anything to do with Aaron cutting the knockout roses from our yard for me or not. He cuts flowers for me quite often so I cannot say this was a first, but I can say that maybe the story "reminded" him that he needed to do so before I went to work so that I could start my day with a smile.

And to that newly married young man, you better get your act together or you are going to be sleepin' on the couch buster!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pillow Swap!

Three things I love....well, actually no particular order...

Cocktail Napkins
THROW PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love love throw pillows...I spend more money on pillows than I do most of my shoes...they are just fantastic!

Mi Madre brought me some new ones yesterday and I am pumped.

The ones that I currently have in the living room are quite fantastic and super pricey, but I need a bit more punch of color.

My Mom is great at finding deals and has an eye for interior design.

Man, am I indebted to her.

She found these new pillows for me at the TJ MaXX in WPB (West Palm Beach) which for the record has the best TJ's.
I don't know why it is so great, but I always find stuff there.

These pillows are gorg....and you wouldn't believe the price. $29.99 for the burnt orange/red ones and $17.99 for the cream ones.
If you know anything about pillows, they were a steal! and are so exquisite.

They do take up much of the couch, so I know when guests come over I will have to move "some" of them.

Check these things out....I'm in love!

Here's the living room before

Here's after

Don't you think they had a PUNCH to the room?

If you feel like your living room is a little wintery or dull: add some color through some pillows, candles, or even cocktail napkins! HA! On a small budget you can update a room instantly by running not walking to the nearest TJ's.

*Note: this is not an advertisement, and TJ MaXX did not pay me for this post. ;-)

Thanks Mom!

advice to myself

The past two weeks I have been struggling with one issue that I typically come across every few months, but I always manage to move it to the back burner and forget about it.

Today, I am writing my woes down in order to make sense of it.

I am constantly told by my "oh so intelligent partner" that I should stop being so naive.

What? I am not naive.

Well, maybe so...

The issue I am speaking of is "character judging".

You ask, what do you mean and how is this relevant?

Here it is...btw, today's post is for my own good, but hopefully you may learn something too or even be entertained by it.

When meeting new people, I typically am quick to judge in seeing all parts of one's character. Having said that, usually, my first impressions are always off and even in most cases people I usually don't like the first time I meet them, become wonderful friends.

Well, a few weeks ago I learned something about someone and THOUGHT they would handle a certain situation in a decent manner.

Man, was I wrong.

I hate when I am wrong. So friend for proving me wrong, what gives?

Why do you let me down and act like an *ss. Man up and be a man, Much less be the person you claim to be.

I am realizing that my "flower-power of peace, love, and happiness" may not work for me anymore.

Maybe if I see true colors, I will never be let down, much less disappointed in others.

What does the Bible say, Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You - Matthew 7:12?

Yeah right. I think that has been lost in translation by most people these days.

I am so disgusted by the character of a "friend" that I am not sure I can look at this person again.

Am I the one in wrong thinking this person would act a certain way? Should I blame myself for only seeing the good in people. Maybe this person has a few good things, but a few good things is not enough to be significant in my life, atleast not anymore.

Today, I make a promise to surround myself, my husband, and my family with good, honest, mature, responsible people.

The heck with the outlaws, I have realized I am fine with only the truly good, just because you have one or two good things about you does not grant you membership into my club of friendship. I need whole heartedly good decent people in my life.

And you my friend are not.

Monday, April 19, 2010

sloppy joe sloppy sloppy joe

Last night I tried a new recipe in this month's Southern Living. It was featured in the "meals in 30 minutes" article. It was fan-flippin'-tastic. I made a few changes. I used ground chicken instead of beef, to make it a little bit healthier. Aaron loved it and so did I.

I paired it with an arugula, carrot, and goat cheese salad.
(Picture is blurry, yikes. Sorry for this) The perfect combo.

Pictured is Aaron's heaping plate. My plate only had one piece of texas toast on it. For obvious reasons.

This meal was easy to make, smelled delish, and hit the spot. Aaron approved it for future meals.

Click here for the recipe

This recipe is great for nights on the go, I definitely see myself cooking this nights when I have soccer practice, dance lessons, and music lessons. My imaginary family. :-)

Point is, this meal is great for Moms and Dads on the go.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Ocho is the #

Ok. So I am not a mother yet, but hope to be one day in the next decade ;-)

In this revelation, I have been taking note of the things that I plan/hope to "not do or fail to do" when it comes to raising children.

Most of these are through observation as well as my own experiences.

Here are the first eight of my list...

1. Don't fail to purchase school pictures each year. Even if your child is at an "awkward" stage, buy them anyway they are memories meant to be cherished.

2. Let them eat Ice Cream or whatever the heck it is that they want, that you don't think they need. Life is about the little indulgences, Enjoy it, it only comes once.

3. Never, Never, Ever, Never, Ever, lick your finger and then wipe the kid's face. Yuck, Eww, and more Yuck. Wipes are easily accessible these days, don't torture your child people!

4. Hug, squeeze, and tell your kids you love them every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

5. Say your child's prayers with them every night. Tuck them in and again hug, squeeze, and tell them you love them.

6. Let each child be unique. Every child is a gift of God's, they are meant to be different an unique!

7. Don't throw your child's stuff away without speaking with them about it. But also, don't wait until they are say 50 years old to start giving them knick-nacks when they come home for the holidays. Set a time to discuss this in their 20's when everyone agrees it's time for all things "child" to be out of the attic.

8. Never, Never, Ever, Never, Ever hang up the phone on your child (child, teenager, or adult). You are the adult. This act is illegal and citations are now being distributed for this type of violation.

'Nuff said,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what's in a logo?

I ask "what's in a logo"? I think, EVERYTHING.

One of the most influential pieces of marketing a business is a logo (in my opinion).

I have been harping on the husband for years, especially the past few months, to get his logo printed on his truck. His business cards are hip and modern and I have been wanting him to implement his image into his entire marketing plan.

Finally, he did it!

He has been holding off all this time for one simple fact. Patience.


Patience and KSS don't mix. I am beginning to believe that he knew what he was talking about.

With my marketing and advertising background I would get furious, probably about once every two weeks, about the fact that he does not advertise or even have his company vehicle logo'd up.

He, on the other hand would always say, "I don't want business that I cannot handle, it takes time and one day I will, but not NOW".

This is not, anything I EVER want to hear. What do you mean, "Not NOW"? I am a "right now" kind of person.
Aren't all females?
If we aren't, that's still my mojo and I'm stickin to it. I am sure there are some men who are "right now" type of people, but I can only think of a few off the top of my head.

Why is this? If only he would have listened to me two years ago? Actually, I am starting think he may have been right.

By the grace of God, the business has supported us and has slowly prospered. All of sudden the business is growing perfectly and maybe all the waiting has paid off.

I think the husband may have been right all this time. Should I tell him?

I think, NOT! HA! I do admit when I'm wrong, but not every time. I think I'll sit this one out and maybe let him know he was right a few years down the road. He doesn't need to know now does he? Nah....he's good....

Back to the logo, I am so impressed with the sketch of the logo he created 4 years ago. It is very crafty and perfect for a business operating in the Low Country.

Think of the marketing genius Pepsi. Their logo is known world-wide. How about, Apple? The apple with a bite missing, is iconically memorable.

So ask yourself, what's in a logo? I still think EVERYTHING!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skip to my Lou

Influenced by the SATC movie and Jennifer Hudson's character Louise from St. Louis, I decided to buy and watch Meet me in St. Louis. How in the world had I never seen this classic? I don't know who to blame, but I will definitely be introducing my (future) children to this movie at a young age. Not only is it a classic, but it is also a Holiday Classic.
Even better, since we all know my obsession with all things Christmas.

Did you know that Skip to my Lou and Have yourself a Merry little Christmas were both written for this film. Again, how did it take me 31 years to see this flick? I am pretty upset about this.

Judy Garland is simply exquisite and the dance choreography is effortless, yet genius.

I enjoyed this movie so much, I cannot wait to watch it again.

I found myself singing along to all of the songs. I especially liked Meet me in St. Louis and the song from the Trolley scene.

I absolutely 100% loved the wallpaper in the dining room. It is full of charm and would be great for my formal dining room. One day I will have something similar to this. I adore it!

Not only do I love the decor of the interiors I also love the simply dressed chic men in this film. The men are handsome and dapper. I favor this look much more than the t-shirt and shorts look most men of today tend to wear.
Hats, suits, and smiles I can take all day long.

I hope I have sparked your curiosity to watch this film. If you have never seen it you are missing out. And if you have seen it, watch it again. You are bound to fall in love all over again!


Friday, April 9, 2010

exciting news....

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a very special occasion planned tonight and I am so excited about it! It's a secret until tomorrow. I can't wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned.....

In light of my surprise event, I am going to share with you my first DIY project. I know I am little delayed, well a lot delayed, with this but here it is.

My DIY project was to make a corkboard with fabric and ribbon on it. This was my inspiration...

Linen Pinboard from Pottery Barn @ $54/each.

I saw this in my winter Pottery Barn magazine and I figured I could make my own for half the price.

I decided to try a round shape for something different. I get bored by squares and rectangles all the time.
I went to Michael's arts and crafts store to buy the cork board, got the burlap fabric,ribbon and staple gun from A.C. Moore.

This project was pretty easy, except for the part of stretching the burlap tight. This was not the best choose in fabric for stretching smoothly, but I wanted the rustic feel and I love burlap. It is cheap cheap and looks cool.
My favorite BBQ joint has burlap sacks hanging from the ceiling and I love it!
Can't get enough of burlap!



Adding the fabric

Pulled tight

Added the ribbon. Final product. Voila! Now it is ready to add invites, notes, bills to it!

I love how this keeps all of my invites together and also takes the photos away from the side of the fridge. The husband loves filling it with pictures, etc but I like to keep in clean and simple so this works for both us. I have this on his desk in the office so he can look at the photos there as much as he wants. It's all about compromise, right?

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY project. Simple but cost-saving brilliance at its best!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

T'was a beautiful Easter Sunday
and all through the streets
Bunnies and Flowers were stirring
And even some Jerks
To you mean mean man
stay away stay away
How dare you try
and slam into my car
For the man above is watching
and can't believe your rude act!

I just needed to tell a short story about a mean man I encountered on Easter Sunday. For some reason, he suffers from the "entitlement" syndrome that has been deemed a popular illness to have here in the South. In his brand new white mercedes he felt the stop sign was not meant for him. As he began to run the stop sign, he decided it was appropriate for him to flip my entire family and I "THE BIRD". It was not your normal "flicking off" gesture either. He threw it up against his window like he does it often. Really? Why must some people be so unhappy and uptight that they forget the importance of one anther and completely come across like complete a**holes?

Was that appropriate on Easter Sunday, much less any other day of the week when you are the one not abiding the traffic laws? I think, NOT!!!!!

Mr. Mean Man in your white mercedes and seer sucker suit, I hope your wife/girlfriend gave you an earful because you deserved it.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comfort Greens

For lunch today I had my Mom's collard greens for the fourth day in a row. I could easily add collards as a daily entree.

Collards in my Omelet for Breakfast
Collards as a side for Lunch
Collards in Pasta for Dinner.

There are so many ways I could incorporate Collard Greens into my life on a daily basis. Good Blog idea, mmmmm...

Every year my Mom makes 50+ plus pounds of collards and sends (mails) them to all of us kids for the holidays. You can freeze them too! So wonderfully fantastic! She even cooks them for her most special friends. I think we all place orders with her in the fall for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One of the great things about holidays with the family is my mom always makes way way too much so I (we) get the leftovers. Yippee! Hooray for Easter Dinner. Sunday we had her collards, along with everything else she makes!

I love anything green! Collard greens, broccoli, lime beans, green beans, mustard greens, okra. The list goes on.. I could go on and on like Forrest Gump goes on and on about shrimp.

My mom's collard greens are so good, I don't even put vinegar on them. They don't need a thing. So so so good.

I wonder if the reason I love green foods is because Green is one of my favorite colors. Maybe, so....interesting thought.

Pictured is my lunch @ work today. Collard greens and homemade sweet potato fries (I made these!).
It was mmm mmm good!

Question of the day: What does someone in your family make that you could eat everyday?

Livin' Green!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

little task, big result

The best things you can send me is a greeting card. I love greeting cards, sweet notes, and stationary.

Greeting cards are so great because the writing is so perfectly written nowadays that the intent of the message is loud and clear.

Sweet notes with little purpose are so fun because they make you feel so good inside knowing someone was thinking of you and loves you enough to spend $0.44 a stamp on you!

And stationary is so wonderful because it allows an individual to express one's self without saying much. You can tell the mood someone was in when writing your note, based on which stationary they chose.

I have a casual,fun, and hip stationary and I also have a very formal "married" stationary. I am very fond of my formal stationary, but I don't use it very often. It really depends on the receiver.

Today, I went to World Market and I was in Heaven.

Just a wonderful display of greeting cards. So many to choose from and for so many different purposes. I hate places that mainly have birthday cards and only a few specialty cards.

I also love present wrapping supplies.

This was just exquisite to my eye.
The vibrant punches of color were love love love to me!

I will definitely be visiting World Market again for greeting cards. Truly Splendid!

Go out and send a friend a special something
and seal it with L-O-V-E!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finders Keepers

Do you all remember the saying "finders keepers, losers weepers"?

I do and I still believe it today!

Randomly when I am sorting the husbands laundry, I will find some Cashola. Isn't it fair to say it's mine since I found it?

I think so. He may not. Especially, since I am doing HIS laundry. I usually find it after the wash so it is wet and needs drying, but a little water does NOT hurt anything.

I spent yesterday around town with my Mom and last night when we all jumped into the car to go to dinner, I found a $20 bill on the floor!

Woo Hoo! I quickly chanted "Finders Keepers!". They had no idea why I was saying that so I explained to my Dad why I was so happy.

Should I have just taken the money and not said anything or should I have yelled as loud for the cows to hear?

You tell me.

I was only kidding and had every intention of giving the money back to my Mom. It was clearly hers since it had fallen on the side of the passenger seat.

I think we all love pure, simple LUCK. I still pick up a penny if it's on heads and won't dare touch it if it's tails.

I guess that makes me a little superstitious, but whatever works I guess.

Cheers to the luck of the good 'Ol Irish and finding new things!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

crazy energy!

OH my goodness! I went to the elementary school today to read to my third grader and holy energy! This place was bouncing off the walls!

You all remember the day before winter break, spring break, and the last day of school. Today, was the day before spring break and oh my golly wolly, it was obvious.

First, it was 85 degrees outside and sunny. Plus, it was hopping with bunny energy with these kids.

My cute reader was completely distracted and as much as she loves reading with me, I guarantee you she has no idea what happened in the book we read today. Too funny.

I kept asking her if she was ok, and she would just look at me like I was an alien, and say "yeah, I'm fine". She is so cute, but today she was not herself.

It completely brought me back to those days and I, myself, started to feel the excitement and I was excited for the break too.

This brings me to my point. To all you teachers and parents who had to deal with the crazy kids today. Give 'em a break. You remember how it was and I bet you yourself are excited about the break too. Actually, I know you are because I have about a gazillion FB friends who are teachers and they have all been counting down the days til break via their status updates. So as much as you roll your eyes at the idea of dealing with the kids the day before break, I know you are secretly screaming and jumping up and down too! Give the kids and break and celebrate your freedom for a week.

Happy Spring Break to you all! And kids remember, it's go time when you get back. I mean serious biz-nass!

School Nerd,