Thursday, April 22, 2010

post about a post

I have received many "private" responses in regards to my earlier post "advice to myself".

Thank you for your phone calls, voicemails, and emails about this post, but please do not be afraid to comment for other readers to see. If you need help learning on how to comment, let me know and I can help.

I want to clear a few things up.

First, I want you to all to know that I am not heartbroken over the loss of this friend, nor will I ever be.

Second, I am mainly P*ssed and Disappointed, but I will not continue to have this person evade my sleep-time and contribute to loss of sleep.

Third, this person was frankly not in my INNER CIRCLE, so again refer to number one. I am not heart broken.

Fourth, this post has re-itterrated to me how well I pick friends based on the amount of friends who have called to say, I am sorry for whatever you are going through. I know my friends who have not commented, are probably trying to figure out if they are the person I am upset with and the answer is NO. I love all of my readers and you will know if I am upset with you.

Fifth, I promise all my readers one thing on this day, if you are reading this, you are not who I was speaking of. This person does not even know my blog exists. At least I don't think.

Finally, all of these items show you how unimportant this particular person is in my life anyway, maybe this is all why. Unfortunately, this person has caused a dear friend to lose sleep, shed a few tears, and reevaluate things. For this, I am livid. I am a tough cookie when it comes to protecting my friends. Don't mess with my friends, or you will hear from me. (I have made the decision to sit out of this one for now, for reasons that I cannot explain, but I make no promise to not knock this person out the next time I see them.) Peace.

On to nicer things, like puppies and flowers....

The Today Show had a story this morning about the secrets to a successful marriage. As the story was starting Aaron happened to walk in the room. He usually doesn't listen to a thing NBC says especially Matt or Meredith. Well, for some reason it caught his attention and he stopped and listened. The story had a young couple who have only been married TWO MONTHS. The fresh new husband said "out loud", "All she does is nag nag nag". Aaron looked at me and said snarky, "They're gett'n divorced". I agree.

Hello, Mr YoungMan, do not call your wife, much less wife of two months a NAG on national television. Are you flippin' crazy?

The article went on about how the success is all about the little things, men picking up their socks, helping to unload the dishwasher, not leaving your dishes in the sink, etc.

Here's the thing, I agree 100%. If my household had a permanent built-in maid, there would never be a disagreement. EVER, I mean EVER.

Isn't funny, that all the nagging goes away, when you leave your house? (well, most of the time. Then it turns into how he's driving, etc). You get my point though.

When there are not chores to be done, all is grand in LOVE and WAR. Right?

After the story was over, Aaron and I continued doing our morning routines separately. He was working on paperwork and I was getting dressed.

As I walked past Aaron, all of a sudden he said "Did you see your flowers?"

Oh no, I quickly flung myself around in disbelief that I had not noticed flowers. I must be a horrible wife. I swoop around to the kitchen and this is what I find.

Gotta love the "VASE" Champagne of Beers! I am so glad he gave it a personal touch. I actually do like this idea!

You get my drift? See, men do want to make us smile.
Sometimes they just forget how to and it ain't by leaving their socks on the floor!

Tip to you women, maybe the TODAY Show wouldn't hurt your man.
If you sneak it in a few days a week maybe he will learn something.

*Disclaimer: I am not quite sure if the Today Show story had anything to do with Aaron cutting the knockout roses from our yard for me or not. He cuts flowers for me quite often so I cannot say this was a first, but I can say that maybe the story "reminded" him that he needed to do so before I went to work so that I could start my day with a smile.

And to that newly married young man, you better get your act together or you are going to be sleepin' on the couch buster!


  1. Way to go hubs. Love the vase. Can we discuss the puppies & flowers? Ha!! That cracked me up! It is almost the weekend!! Hooray!

  2. I have a great big smile on my face after reading this post. WONDERFUL!!! I love the vase, and I'll definitely have to see if I can find that Today Show story (you know I'm a GMA fan).

    Have a beautiful weekend!