Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pillow Swap!

Three things I love....well, actually four...in no particular order...

Cocktail Napkins
THROW PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love love throw pillows...I spend more money on pillows than I do most of my shoes...they are just fantastic!

Mi Madre brought me some new ones yesterday and I am pumped.

The ones that I currently have in the living room are quite fantastic and super pricey, but I need a bit more punch of color.

My Mom is great at finding deals and has an eye for interior design.

Man, am I indebted to her.

She found these new pillows for me at the TJ MaXX in WPB (West Palm Beach) which for the record has the best TJ's.
I don't know why it is so great, but I always find stuff there.

These pillows are gorg....and you wouldn't believe the price. $29.99 for the burnt orange/red ones and $17.99 for the cream ones.
If you know anything about pillows, they were a steal! and are so exquisite.

They do take up much of the couch, so I know when guests come over I will have to move "some" of them.

Check these things out....I'm in love!

Here's the living room before

Here's after

Don't you think they had a PUNCH to the room?

If you feel like your living room is a little wintery or dull: add some color through some pillows, candles, or even cocktail napkins! HA! On a small budget you can update a room instantly by running not walking to the nearest TJ's.

*Note: this is not an advertisement, and TJ MaXX did not pay me for this post. ;-)

Thanks Mom!

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