Friday, October 29, 2010

What's the big friggin' difference?

I have a little story and it goes like this....

Male Co-Worker: "Wow, your hair looks really good this morning"

KHAK: "Ugh, Thanks"

Male Co-Worker: "Wonder, why it looks so different today?"

KHAK: "Wanna know the difference between today and the rest of the week?"

Male Co-Worker: with a perplexed look "The chill in the air?"

KHAK: "More like, 95% humidity!"

Male Co-Worker: with slouched shoulders "Well, it looks really good today!"

KHAK: wanting to say "thanks, I know it looked terrible all week!" but just smiled.

Morale of the story

For all your hair sufferers. I get it.

Cuz' I got it too.

I have had terrible hair all week, until today that is.

Actually, I thought I was having a bad hair day, which means my hair looked even worse all the other days than I thought it.

So here, I stand loud and proud.

Welcome Fall!

I heart you.

You are welcome to come to Charleston any time,

By the way, where the heck have you been?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Make-out Bandits

As I sat in traffic yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but notice the annoying couple making out in the car in front of me.

I seriously said to myself "Get a room!"

We all remember this phrase and some of us might still use it.

I don't say it out loud anymore, mainly because I do not have any friends that I have to say this to.

(Thank goodness)

Should this be on my 20 things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving Day this year?

Maybe, so.

Anyhow, we all have seen these wacky people.

I apologize if you yourself are one of these "make-out bandits" but I personally can't stand them.

In high school, I was always annoyed with the couple sucking face in the hallway or the guy with his hand half-way up his girlfriend's shirt at the lunch table.


Why do you think this is appropriate.

In my teens, my first thought always was "Do your parents know you act like this? or do you make-out on the couch next to your parents in the living room?"

How do people end up like this.

I was a little shy and would absolutely never kiss a boy at school.

No way No way!

But also, know what is right and what is wrong.

Granted, nothing makes me happier to see a best friend's husband give her a sweet kiss on the cheek or see one of my guy friends holding his girlfriend's hand.

These are all acceptable to me.

It's fine to show your affection, but leave the rest for the bedroom.

To the couple in front of me in traffic, you might want to wait til' you get home so you don't fog-up your windows!

Sounds like a safety pre-caution to me,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A toast to cheers to.

An epic meal occurred at our household last week.

It was so epic that I failed to take any photos.

We had one guest, named MAP.

And I think she appreciated how epic it actually was.

I know, I have said epic three times already.

Do you want to know why it was epic?

The husband "got" his first deer on our land in Va and we were able to enjoy it for dinner.

I know I know what you are thinking.

BUT, if you just think of it as surviving versus killing Bambi: you will be ok.

The meat is so lean and ridiculously good for you.

The meal consisted of:

-Roasted Sweet Potatoes seasoned with Smoked Paprika

-Roasted Broccoli drizzled with EVOO and Sea Salt

and the drumroll please!

-Backstraps wrapped in Bacon!

Yum Yum.

I have had this meal before, but the excitement of it being on our property was pretty cool.

It was so special that we made a special toast.

Here it is.

Prepare to laugh your A** off!

I have been saying it all week!

It's hilarious!!!

Here it goes.....

"Clap yo' hands!

Stomp yo' feet

Praise da Lord

We got meat!"

Best toast ever!

Another reason why I never have a dull day with A in my life!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fluid check, anyone?

This blog has become my diary of admitting my faults as well as realizing my dreams.

I have learned a lot about myself simply by writing it down.

I have always known that I am a bit crazy in the perfection department.

Clothes have to be folded a certain way.

Remote Controls have a specific spot, and I have to put them in their place before leaving the house.

Pillows have to pluffed and in their designated areas at all times.

Drinks left on the kitchen counter, turn me mad.

Lint Brushes are the best invention ever.

I hate white napkins in a restaurant, and if I am given a white napkin I almost never let it tough my lap due to lint "issues".

The shower curtain can never be tucked in.

Shoes do NOT get to lay around the house.

If I see an empty toilet paper roll, I have to change it even if it's not my house (see previous post)

Laundry detergent, paper towel, and toilet paper brands must NEVER be changed. I am loyal to the end.

As you can see, this list could go on and on.

I know I am a freak of nature and will never be able to be classified as normal.


Normal is not in my genes.

You can't fake normal till you make it.

It's just not possible.

My destiny was chosen a long time, and "perfectionist, OCD one" was what I was chosen to be.

Normal, not so much.

Just this past weekend, two of my friends made a comment about my "quirkiness"

They simply said, "we know you won't do that KHAK"

Referring to a few household irritations of mine.

It recently came to my attention another thing to add to this list.

You see, I thought this specific thing everyone did.

One night a few weeks back, A and I were headed to the movies and my windshield got smudged and I was complaining about it for a few miles.

I told him I was going to stop at a gas station and clean my windshield.

He said "are you serious?"

Why yes, I am serious.

I stopped cleaned my window and on we went to the movies.

A thought I was so crazy, he just turned up the music and ignored my craziness.

I cannot handle a dirty windshield.

If anything blocks my perfect vision, I freak.

Then the next day, my washer fluid was empty.
My best "friend"

I begged Aaron to stop and get me some because I was out and I forgot on my way home.

He refused.

He said I am the only person who goes through windshield wiper fluid as fast I do.

Do most people make it between oil changes?

No way, do I.

The next day, I convinced him to get me a bottle and then he would not let me change it because we were going to a birthday party.

He made me wait another day, which made me completely crazy.

I am sure my neighbors think I am a bit strange because I am always have the hood up filling the washer fluid.

I am so good at it, I barely ever spill any and never use a funnel.

One day a few years ago, I was changing and a man offered to help and tried to get me to use a funnel.

I said "no thanks, I do this all the time"

I don't know if it was business attire or age that threw him off, but he could not believe that I just whipped up the hood, poured the fluid in, and went on my merry way.

I thought this was normal.

The man told me I have a steady hand.

Mainly because he was nosey and sat and watched me pour my fluid in.

The point here is that I need to know if I am the only one?

If I am, I know all of you have something you are crazy about it.

If not, at least humor me and make something up!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who finished first?

On a recent date night, Aaron and I went to an italian restaurant for dinner (It actually was Aaron's birthday and a special evening for us).

After a short walk there, we both needed to use the restroom upon entering.

We rushed to the restroom simultaneously, (mainly because the hostess was waiting to seat us) in a way that was sort of a challenge.

Who will finish first?

I am known, actually well known, for not rushing and taking a looooonnnnnnng time in the restroom.

I don't know why.

No matter what I do, I always seem to be the last one out.

Well, interesting enough. This time I was NOT the last one out.

As I waited for him, I thought to myself what the h*ck is he doing?

And this guy waiting, is probably wondering the same darn thing.

Men are not supposed to take a long time, they are always done in a jiffy, right?

Not this lad.

What gives?

I simply smiled at the gentleman patiently waiting and looked away.

A few minutes into our dinner, well actually about 30 minutes, Aaron looks at me and says I'm going to email you this picture and I want it to be my picture on your phone when I call you.

I gaze at it, and quickly realize that this was what he was up to in the restroom.

Giggling away, I realized that he was taking pictures on his phone of a painting in the restroom.

I still could not figure out why it took so long.

Shoot and Snap. It's easy.

He said he was working hard to get the borders right and to zoom in.


The iphone is not made to take top-quality photos, much less ones in the men's restroom.

Only, AJS would do such a thing.

Life is one hundred percent interesting with him.

Every second of every day is quirky, unpredticable, completely crazy.

All you ladies, the next time you go out in public with your man, ask him if he was taking pictures in the restroom?

You never know what the answer may be,