Thursday, October 21, 2010

A toast to cheers to.

An epic meal occurred at our household last week.

It was so epic that I failed to take any photos.

We had one guest, named MAP.

And I think she appreciated how epic it actually was.

I know, I have said epic three times already.

Do you want to know why it was epic?

The husband "got" his first deer on our land in Va and we were able to enjoy it for dinner.

I know I know what you are thinking.

BUT, if you just think of it as surviving versus killing Bambi: you will be ok.

The meat is so lean and ridiculously good for you.

The meal consisted of:

-Roasted Sweet Potatoes seasoned with Smoked Paprika

-Roasted Broccoli drizzled with EVOO and Sea Salt

and the drumroll please!

-Backstraps wrapped in Bacon!

Yum Yum.

I have had this meal before, but the excitement of it being on our property was pretty cool.

It was so special that we made a special toast.

Here it is.

Prepare to laugh your A** off!

I have been saying it all week!

It's hilarious!!!

Here it goes.....

"Clap yo' hands!

Stomp yo' feet

Praise da Lord

We got meat!"

Best toast ever!

Another reason why I never have a dull day with A in my life!


  1. Holy Moly...I am cracking up right now! I'll have to share this with Brian when we make ours this weekend. Love the sides; may have to try something like that.

    You are truly living off your land; love it!

  2. I'm all for eatin fresh deer meat. Well if it's cooked right. You wrapped bacon around it?? MMMMMMMMM. Sides sound great too.

    Somewhere along there it stopped be "ridiculously good for you". LOL, Hey I aint complaining. Everything is better wrapped in bacon. Well except maybe Lady Ga Ga.