Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who finished first?

On a recent date night, Aaron and I went to an italian restaurant for dinner (It actually was Aaron's birthday and a special evening for us).

After a short walk there, we both needed to use the restroom upon entering.

We rushed to the restroom simultaneously, (mainly because the hostess was waiting to seat us) in a way that was sort of a challenge.

Who will finish first?

I am known, actually well known, for not rushing and taking a looooonnnnnnng time in the restroom.

I don't know why.

No matter what I do, I always seem to be the last one out.

Well, interesting enough. This time I was NOT the last one out.

As I waited for him, I thought to myself what the h*ck is he doing?

And this guy waiting, is probably wondering the same darn thing.

Men are not supposed to take a long time, they are always done in a jiffy, right?

Not this lad.

What gives?

I simply smiled at the gentleman patiently waiting and looked away.

A few minutes into our dinner, well actually about 30 minutes, Aaron looks at me and says I'm going to email you this picture and I want it to be my picture on your phone when I call you.

I gaze at it, and quickly realize that this was what he was up to in the restroom.

Giggling away, I realized that he was taking pictures on his phone of a painting in the restroom.

I still could not figure out why it took so long.

Shoot and Snap. It's easy.

He said he was working hard to get the borders right and to zoom in.


The iphone is not made to take top-quality photos, much less ones in the men's restroom.

Only, AJS would do such a thing.

Life is one hundred percent interesting with him.

Every second of every day is quirky, unpredticable, completely crazy.

All you ladies, the next time you go out in public with your man, ask him if he was taking pictures in the restroom?

You never know what the answer may be,

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