Tuesday, April 20, 2010

advice to myself

The past two weeks I have been struggling with one issue that I typically come across every few months, but I always manage to move it to the back burner and forget about it.

Today, I am writing my woes down in order to make sense of it.

I am constantly told by my "oh so intelligent partner" that I should stop being so naive.

What? I am not naive.

Well, maybe so...

The issue I am speaking of is "character judging".

You ask, what do you mean and how is this relevant?

Here it is...btw, today's post is for my own good, but hopefully you may learn something too or even be entertained by it.

When meeting new people, I typically am quick to judge in seeing all parts of one's character. Having said that, usually, my first impressions are always off and even in most cases people I usually don't like the first time I meet them, become wonderful friends.

Well, a few weeks ago I learned something about someone and THOUGHT they would handle a certain situation in a decent manner.

Man, was I wrong.

I hate when I am wrong. So friend for proving me wrong, what gives?

Why do you let me down and act like an *ss. Man up and be a man, Much less be the person you claim to be.

I am realizing that my "flower-power of peace, love, and happiness" may not work for me anymore.

Maybe if I see true colors, I will never be let down, much less disappointed in others.

What does the Bible say, Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You - Matthew 7:12?

Yeah right. I think that has been lost in translation by most people these days.

I am so disgusted by the character of a "friend" that I am not sure I can look at this person again.

Am I the one in wrong thinking this person would act a certain way? Should I blame myself for only seeing the good in people. Maybe this person has a few good things, but a few good things is not enough to be significant in my life, atleast not anymore.

Today, I make a promise to surround myself, my husband, and my family with good, honest, mature, responsible people.

The heck with the outlaws, I have realized I am fine with only the truly good, just because you have one or two good things about you does not grant you membership into my club of friendship. I need whole heartedly good decent people in my life.

And you my friend are not.

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