Thursday, April 8, 2010

T'was a beautiful Easter Sunday
and all through the streets
Bunnies and Flowers were stirring
And even some Jerks
To you mean mean man
stay away stay away
How dare you try
and slam into my car
For the man above is watching
and can't believe your rude act!

I just needed to tell a short story about a mean man I encountered on Easter Sunday. For some reason, he suffers from the "entitlement" syndrome that has been deemed a popular illness to have here in the South. In his brand new white mercedes he felt the stop sign was not meant for him. As he began to run the stop sign, he decided it was appropriate for him to flip my entire family and I "THE BIRD". It was not your normal "flicking off" gesture either. He threw it up against his window like he does it often. Really? Why must some people be so unhappy and uptight that they forget the importance of one anther and completely come across like complete a**holes?

Was that appropriate on Easter Sunday, much less any other day of the week when you are the one not abiding the traffic laws? I think, NOT!!!!!

Mr. Mean Man in your white mercedes and seer sucker suit, I hope your wife/girlfriend gave you an earful because you deserved it.


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  1. We talked about the entitlement syndrome when I was visiting last time. Crazy! I'm glad you saw him, are safe, & able to blog about it...Mean, Mean Man!