Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what's in a logo?

I ask "what's in a logo"? I think, EVERYTHING.

One of the most influential pieces of marketing a business is a logo (in my opinion).

I have been harping on the husband for years, especially the past few months, to get his logo printed on his truck. His business cards are hip and modern and I have been wanting him to implement his image into his entire marketing plan.

Finally, he did it!

He has been holding off all this time for one simple fact. Patience.


Patience and KSS don't mix. I am beginning to believe that he knew what he was talking about.

With my marketing and advertising background I would get furious, probably about once every two weeks, about the fact that he does not advertise or even have his company vehicle logo'd up.

He, on the other hand would always say, "I don't want business that I cannot handle, it takes time and one day I will, but not NOW".

This is not, anything I EVER want to hear. What do you mean, "Not NOW"? I am a "right now" kind of person.
Aren't all females?
If we aren't, that's still my mojo and I'm stickin to it. I am sure there are some men who are "right now" type of people, but I can only think of a few off the top of my head.

Why is this? If only he would have listened to me two years ago? Actually, I am starting think he may have been right.

By the grace of God, the business has supported us and has slowly prospered. All of sudden the business is growing perfectly and maybe all the waiting has paid off.

I think the husband may have been right all this time. Should I tell him?

I think, NOT! HA! I do admit when I'm wrong, but not every time. I think I'll sit this one out and maybe let him know he was right a few years down the road. He doesn't need to know now does he? Nah....he's good....

Back to the logo, I am so impressed with the sketch of the logo he created 4 years ago. It is very crafty and perfect for a business operating in the Low Country.

Think of the marketing genius Pepsi. Their logo is known world-wide. How about, Apple? The apple with a bite missing, is iconically memorable.

So ask yourself, what's in a logo? I still think EVERYTHING!

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