Friday, April 16, 2010

Ocho is the #

Ok. So I am not a mother yet, but hope to be one day in the next decade ;-)

In this revelation, I have been taking note of the things that I plan/hope to "not do or fail to do" when it comes to raising children.

Most of these are through observation as well as my own experiences.

Here are the first eight of my list...

1. Don't fail to purchase school pictures each year. Even if your child is at an "awkward" stage, buy them anyway they are memories meant to be cherished.

2. Let them eat Ice Cream or whatever the heck it is that they want, that you don't think they need. Life is about the little indulgences, Enjoy it, it only comes once.

3. Never, Never, Ever, Never, Ever, lick your finger and then wipe the kid's face. Yuck, Eww, and more Yuck. Wipes are easily accessible these days, don't torture your child people!

4. Hug, squeeze, and tell your kids you love them every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

5. Say your child's prayers with them every night. Tuck them in and again hug, squeeze, and tell them you love them.

6. Let each child be unique. Every child is a gift of God's, they are meant to be different an unique!

7. Don't throw your child's stuff away without speaking with them about it. But also, don't wait until they are say 50 years old to start giving them knick-nacks when they come home for the holidays. Set a time to discuss this in their 20's when everyone agrees it's time for all things "child" to be out of the attic.

8. Never, Never, Ever, Never, Ever hang up the phone on your child (child, teenager, or adult). You are the adult. This act is illegal and citations are now being distributed for this type of violation.

'Nuff said,

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