Tuesday, April 6, 2010

little task, big result

The best things you can send me is a greeting card. I love greeting cards, sweet notes, and stationary.

Greeting cards are so great because the writing is so perfectly written nowadays that the intent of the message is loud and clear.

Sweet notes with little purpose are so fun because they make you feel so good inside knowing someone was thinking of you and loves you enough to spend $0.44 a stamp on you!

And stationary is so wonderful because it allows an individual to express one's self without saying much. You can tell the mood someone was in when writing your note, based on which stationary they chose.

I have a casual,fun, and hip stationary and I also have a very formal "married" stationary. I am very fond of my formal stationary, but I don't use it very often. It really depends on the receiver.

Today, I went to World Market and I was in Heaven.

Just a wonderful display of greeting cards. So many to choose from and for so many different purposes. I hate places that mainly have birthday cards and only a few specialty cards.

I also love present wrapping supplies.

This was just exquisite to my eye.
The vibrant punches of color were love love love to me!

I will definitely be visiting World Market again for greeting cards. Truly Splendid!

Go out and send a friend a special something
and seal it with L-O-V-E!

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