Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's in the (H)air!

A recent poll done by Shop Smart Magazine a division of Consumer Reports found that 44% of women say their mood has been affected by a bad hair day. .

Can you believe this?

Of course you can.

Why, because you've had a bad hair day yourself. And If you say you haven't, you are LYING!

In case you readers did not know, I am attempting to grow my hair out.

In high school, I had long hair but every time it grew to my "bra strap line on my back"
(this was always the goal, and apparently still is because I still look to see how far I have to go. Silly, I know.)

I would cut it. I don't mean trim, I mean butcher.

I am not sure why this phenomenon existed, except that it really p*ssed my Mom off, so being a teenager in all, maybe that's why I did it. Who knows?

Anyhow, I feel like I have been growing and chopping off for my entire life. As soon as I grow it out, I chop it to my chin.

I have used:
Mane and Tail for horses to make it grow.
Spiral Permed (that was a long long time ago)
Used the Crimping Iron
Created the wave bangs of the 80's that took 30 minutes to construct with a half bottle of hairspray

I have even contemplated purchasing the hair dryer that costs about $500 but straightens and dries your hair in two minutes.

Geesh, hair is time consuming and irritating!

I hate my hair and the first invention I would invent if I was a magician, would be for me to step into a round-tubular machine, spin around a few times and voila my hair is dry and styled.

I have also asked my hairdresser on numerous occasions if she would like to come live with me so she can blow-dry my hair for me every day.

This would be quite expensive, but her skill vs. mine. Hands down is superb. I need help!

This brings me to my point.

Well, a few points.

One, my hair does not seem to be growing and I am going back on Monday and seriously contemplating telling her to chop it.

(Again, my Mom would still be P*ssed, even though, I have not lived under her roof for 13 years. She still thinks she is in charge, well we will let her think this, right?)

Second, I am an idiot!

Why, you ask?

Well, yesterday when attempting to dry my hair, the hair dryer fell on the floor and busted open.

Out came the end piece that holds all the lent in. Oh my gosh. You would not believe the amount of crap in there. I thought to myself, "oh goodness I need to clean this now".

It took me roughly one minute to do this.

I did not know or was not aware of the fact that the end piece is supposed to pop open for this reason, to be cleaned out.

I figured, I was just doing myself a favor and increasing my hair dryer's life span.

Uhm, not only am I not going to start a fire by collecting lint, I am also going to be able to dry my hair in half the time.

When I turned the dryer back on after cleaning the vent, I was blown away. Literally.

I was almost blown against the wall. The dang thing is so powerful now, my hair is drying in two seconds flat.

Not really, but a lot faster than before.

So, yes. I'm an idiot for not knowing that cleaning the vent would also help the performance of the dryer too!

Yippee! and a Hee-Haw!

I believe the statistic above. I was in a great mood yesterday simply because my hair did what it was supposed to do!

Also, it dried super fast and I was not late to my first appointment of the day.

If I had only known.

Did you guys know this?

Am I the only one who did not know performance is affected by all the crap it collects?

From your favorite Ding-Bat!


  1. Dear Ding Bat. HILARIOUS POST. No I don't think to clean that thingy out either. Eek. I dread looking at mine now!

  2. I can't wait to go home and clean out my blow dryer now!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  4. are to funny! i can't believe you of ALL PEOPLE didn't know that.

  5. I had a bad hair day yesterday my bangs we doing this weird flippy thing then I ran into a classmate I hadn't seen in 15 years it was truly devastating - why did it have to be on that day?