Monday, April 26, 2010

"Turn down the dial, Drama Queen"

Do you have a favorite show that's scripted lines you often want to add as your social-networking status update?

I do. I do.

I often feel the urge to change my "status update" to something witty or comical that has either happened to me that day or I view on television.

Most of the time I hold back due to the simple fact that I do not want "Sally Joe" from elementary school knowing what I am up to.

This brings me to another issue, sometimes I want to delete my current Facebook page and start a new one with only my closest friends. This way, we can converse, communicate, post pictures without feeling like the entire universe is watching. (Not to say that my life is interesting, but sometimes I feel a little exposed on the internet).

Anyhow, back to my "save the drama for yo' mama!" campaign.

This line was said last night on my favorite show Brothers and Sisters.

"Turn down the dial, Drama Queen"

L_O_V_E it!
It is so my family, and I love it for that.

We don't have as many brothers and sisters, but we have multi-personalities that make up for the lack of bodies.
That's for sure.

My reason for bringing this up is the fact that my family yearns and prospers through DRAMA!

Does yours?

I never realized this, until my insightful significant other pointed this out to me years ago.

The first time he said it, I said "What. No we don't. We do not love drama?"

Then for some reason, I could not get the thought out of my head. It's true.

It is true and it seems to get worse every day. Well maybe not every day, but at least every year it gets worse.

Why, you ask? I think it's because we love each other so much if we just sat around and hugged and smiled at each other, we would be bored.

Yes. I said it. We like the drama because it keeps it interesting, right?

Who wants a boring family that like my sister likes to say, "Sits on the beach and eats Bon-Bons".


No one likes to be bored so you gotta spice it up.

Frequent visitors to our family dinners, always know what to expect and love it.

For instance, I have one friend whom every time she attends a family function says, "I just love your family".

Do you know why she says that, it's because she gets to go home to peace and quiet.

All the while, my family is still duking it out in the kitchen while doing the dishes.

Yes, usually all of the arguments happen in the kitchen. Strange, I know.

The most interesting fact about my family's battles is that they end with peace, almost like they never happened.

The battles are meaningful, true, and honest, and then they are over. They end as quickly as they started.

Crazy, Weird. I know.

It's all I have ever known, so I am used to it. Others, not so much.

Cheers to the Fictional Walker family and all of yours!

Embrace the drama and the hugs!


  1. This is great! I went to lunch with Mike and Nat on Sunday. They believe this need is inherited. I guess we can blame grandmother. :0) I am not sure if I agree but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my Family and would never miss out on a family function!!!! Bring on the Drama and all the hugs!!!!

  2. I'm still catching up on last Sunday's episode. I watched some of it during lunch today. Can't wait to see what happens! I can totally realte to The Walker family as well. My oldest sister stayed with us all last week to help out with my mom. I ♥ her to death and appreciate her help but glad she left Monday. All of my siblings all have different personalities. We all butt heads but would do anything for each other! That's what family is about!! :-)