Thursday, April 29, 2010

a litte bit of this and little bit of that

I have A LOT to say today. Wow, what a day it has been already.

1. Last night, I celebrated my 3rd Wedding Anniversary and it was so wonderful. I love the man I married.
This is where my husband took me to dinner. They catered our wedding so it was a meaningful choice.

2. A Little story about my trip to the bank today:

Bank Teller: Mrs. Stace would you like a copy of your balance today?

Me: No thanks. I'm good.

Bank Teller: Oh ok, with a half smile

Me: I already know it's low so I don't need a reminder.

Bank Teller: (busts out laughing)....Yeah, I feel your pain. I'm glad we get paid tomorrow cuz' I'm scraping by

Ok, so obviously the bank teller and I had a "moment" there didn't we?

She probably gave up too much information about herself, but basically she knows everything about me!

I have always felt like Bank Tellers know the secrets of the world since they know how much money everyone has. It's almost like they know the answers to the questions that no one else knows.

Does that make sense, what I'm saying?

Since I keep most of my accounts with a particular bank, I bet you this bank teller
A. Guess my credit score
B. Tell the world where I buy my groceries
C. Tell if I have a 6 month emergency fund saved up

I always feel completely exposed when I go into the bank.
Am I the only one, Please tell me I'm not..........

3. I need to piggyback on yesterday's post.
As I was receiving all of your comments, I began to think what do you think the equivalent of a "BAD HAIR DAY" for a man is?

Any guesses....

I was thinking and I can't think of much...which leads me to believe Men definitely got the good end of the stick.

What's up with that?

They don't have bad hair days
They have no idea what dealing with a monthly menstrual cycle is like
They don't have to carry a baby for nine months and then deal with trying to lose the baby weight.
If they did have to carry a baby for nine months, they wouldn't worry about losing the baby weight
They feel ok if they leave their house without make-up on
They don't have to wear high heels to feel sexy...

I mean, come on. The list goes on and on.

I am going to take a wild guess and say:

Men's equivalent to a bad hair day is forgetting to put on deodorant.

I don't have a clue...

OK, so this is a challenge...

Go ask the first man you see and ask them what is a "bad hair day to them"?

Then, post your response in the comments section.

I can't wait to see the answers...

Signing out with an ok hair day!

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