Thursday, April 1, 2010

crazy energy!

OH my goodness! I went to the elementary school today to read to my third grader and holy energy! This place was bouncing off the walls!

You all remember the day before winter break, spring break, and the last day of school. Today, was the day before spring break and oh my golly wolly, it was obvious.

First, it was 85 degrees outside and sunny. Plus, it was hopping with bunny energy with these kids.

My cute reader was completely distracted and as much as she loves reading with me, I guarantee you she has no idea what happened in the book we read today. Too funny.

I kept asking her if she was ok, and she would just look at me like I was an alien, and say "yeah, I'm fine". She is so cute, but today she was not herself.

It completely brought me back to those days and I, myself, started to feel the excitement and I was excited for the break too.

This brings me to my point. To all you teachers and parents who had to deal with the crazy kids today. Give 'em a break. You remember how it was and I bet you yourself are excited about the break too. Actually, I know you are because I have about a gazillion FB friends who are teachers and they have all been counting down the days til break via their status updates. So as much as you roll your eyes at the idea of dealing with the kids the day before break, I know you are secretly screaming and jumping up and down too! Give the kids and break and celebrate your freedom for a week.

Happy Spring Break to you all! And kids remember, it's go time when you get back. I mean serious biz-nass!

School Nerd,

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