Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Pepper Anyone?

Tonight I made a recipe that I have been wanting to make since September.

During our Saturday grocery store trip, I finally remembered to get the ingredients I needed to make it this week.

I wasn't quite sure exactly when I was going to make it, but the 30 degree weather definitely solidified my choice tonight.

This recipe is linked to a blog I read called Detox and Purification Program.

This is the blog for the local Charleston nutritionist who sponsors the 21 day detox I completed in September.

This recipe is featured as a recipe on Day 11 of the detox. Click on the link if you want to visit the blog.

I was not in the mood for soup when I was on the cleanse so it was perfect for a cold night like tonight.

The recipe serves one, but I had plenty leftover and packed it up for a part of my lunch tomorrow.

This soup was so delish and filling.

Also, once I got my ingredients in the blender is took no time to make.

I would say it took me 15 minutes in total from beginning to end.

Processing and heating up on the stove.

This was super easy and super fast!

So no excuses not to try this one, unless you don't like red peppers.

Okay, here it is:

Creamy Red Pepper Soup

1 red pepper

1 cup warm water

½ large avocado

5 baby carrots

1 tsp. onion, chopped

½ tsp. garlic, chopped

½ tsp. jalapeƱo pepper

½ tsp. Celtic Sea Salt®

Blend all ingredients in food processor until thick, & smooth (this took about 15 seconds in my processor). Heat soup in a saucepan until warm. Serve immediately.

It is seriously that simple and it's healthy.

It is approved for the detox which means it is super good for you!


Is anyone else secretly hooked to Lifetime and The Hallmark Channel this month?

I can't get enough Christmas movies! My husband is a little concerned.

Night night,

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  1. I am hooked on Lifetime, Family and Hallmark. It is awesome. Every night there is a least one holiday movie. I'm loving it! :)