Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret Santa, I mean "Obsession"

As a teenager, my brother watched TWC- The Weather Channel like it was a television program.

Eating his fourth bowl of Captain Crunch he was always in a daze. Just shoveling the spoon in his mouth as the weatherman spit out the weather forecast.

I was always so perplexed by this.

How could one seriously watch this channel all day?

His entire life depended on the weather (at least he thought so at the time, I bet if you asked my Mom she would have disagreed)

He was either watching for the next hurricane to arrive on the East Coast for some waves or a little snow in SouthWest Va so he could do some "flippy tricks" on his snowboard.

He was pretty fantastic at both so I don't blame him for wanting a good forecast in order to show-off his talents.

You see, you learn a lot from big brothers.

Even though at times, you wonder if you ever will.

Besides, how to give your little sister a "noogy" or how to pin your sister down in 3 seconds FLAT.

(he was also a "wrastler"- his only indoor sport)

So the pondering of The Weather Channel obsession has never left me.

Now I am married to a landscape designer who Surfs and Hunts for fun.

Ok, there you go more weather permitting activities.

The weather has become a pretty important aspect of my life.

I tend to always make conversation with strangers about the weather.

I think everyone does this, right?

Actually, NO!

Most people don't talk to strangers.

I digress.

Anyhow, so I have a secret.

Do you have a secret?

I have a secret that I do not wish to share, but feel I must in order to complete my thoughts for this post.

Here it goes:

I have become a techy nerd when it comes to my iPhone.

I don't have a ton of apps, but my iPhone is one of my closest pals.

I know, I know this sounds disgusting and ridiculous.

I know, this is why it's a secret.
I admit before I even to say Good Morning to the dogs or get out of bed- my phone is in hand and I always check the weather first and then see who might have "scrabbled" me while I was sleeping.

I have begun to feel guilty about this, but I have found someone to blame.

You see, it's not my fault that my husband's work day depends on the weather or that I grew up with a brother so close to weatherman either.

I blame external factors.

Is that fair? Am I off the hook?

Maybe just maybe, it might have a little to do with if I am going to wear open-toed shoes on a brisk morning or if I am flaunting a skirt or a pair of wool pants!

Fashion only is 10% to blame.

I check the temperature not just in the morning, but probably every hour.

I know, completely obsessive. and totally ME!

Sometimes you just have to embrace the things you obsess over, give them a big hug, and accept that you are a bit whack.

That's what I do!


  1. Khak-a-lackin is back in the house....I am so proud of you....What about your big sis's obsessions....I love you so much! You have no are such a wonderful person Khaki and a great friend, wife, sister and an inspiration to the world. Keep on Keepin make me so proud to be your sister....what is the weather in Charleston...?

  2. and P.S. your older brother rocks.....