Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sooner than Later

Ok, so I am posting again much sooner that I thought I would be.

I feel it is my responsibility to share with you what I just experienced. I just skipped (well, really walked... but felt like skipping since the weather is perfect and life is bringing so many amazing things my way) over to Subway for a light lunch. As I begin to order, a complete stranger gets in line behind me and long story short, he pays for my lunch! No strings attached, just a friendly gesture. I have always wanted to buy someone's gas at the gas station or help someone with their groceries, but have never done it. It's time to stop thinking and do it. I am asking you all to "pay it forward" in the next seven days and then share your stories with me. I, of course, felt awful and insisted that he not, but he also insisted.

It's time to learn both ends of giving. Giving and Receiving.


  1. I think you should make a short story long - what's your secret - just plain friendliness?

  2. Well, the man had no idea what he wanted when it was his turn to order so he looked at me and then looked at the sandwich maker and he said "is she buying" I, of course laughed and smiled. Then the sandwich maker said " actually, why don't you buy her lunch?"..the man said, "you know what, I think I will". I went to the register and the guy wouldn't let the cashier take my money. Sometimes those opportunities just happen. I don't think the man woke up that day thinking he was going to buy a stranger lunch, but that's what happened, so he rolled with it. Good times!