Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two's a Charm

Good afternoon! I just arrived to the office after my hour reading with Shanay, my 9 year old 3rd grader, that I read to on Thursday mornings. We read the most books we have ever read in an hour today, completed 3 and started another! Yay! We keep a log of all of our readings so at the end of the year we can pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. We started a "chapter book" Pippi Longstocking. Love her, btw! (I always wanted her freckles!).

Two weeks ago Shanay and I signed an oath to each other (I wrote it on a scratch piece of paper and we both signed it) that we would both read five minutes extra every night til the end of the year. When I asked her if she has kept her word, she said "yes, and I am logging the time in my reading log too"! Love her! She is the cutest thing. I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to post her photo. Please send feedback, I would love to hear if you all think it's ok.

It is raining and I just had a healthy lunch, so I am now drinking a Tazo tea. A special uncle of mine bought me these teas and I am in heaven. There are several flavors. I have tried Calm (which I drink at night, it is caffeine free), Awake (obviously, I drink this one at work) and today I am trying Zen (I figured I couldn't go wrong there). I usually add a tiny bit of honey, but of course I forgot to pack it in my bag. I highly recommend these teas. They are a nice substitute for that extra glass of wine at night, etc. You know what I mean. I am trying to not drink wine during the "school week" in chance of losing a few pounds. Which brings me to another subject. I am trying to get healthy again, and you are my guidance. You will make me accountable and I know I will be successful. Summer is right around the corner and I can't wait to wear plenty of sunscreen and spend my days at Folly!

Oh and no need to pay attention to this mug, my cute husband bought it for me as a joke, at least I hope! I am no Diva that's for sure! ;-)

Peace and Love,


  1. Cute blog lady! I have one too!

  2. Love the Diva mug! That's so you!! :-)
    I'm going to have to try those teas out! I've been starting to drink tea more often too! Especially during the winter! Loving the blog KS! See you soon! ♥-ya!