Friday, January 22, 2010

every little bit helps!

Last night, we tried a recipe in this week's People mag (you know the one with Heidi Montag on the cover, she's crazy btw). It's a Chicken thighs with Mushrooms recipe featured in the back of the magazine. We had chicken quarters so that's what we used. It was fantastic! Aaron cooked while I took down the Christmas Tree (i know, i know) how crazy that I hadn't done that yet. January has been so busy that I had not had a chance and I am actually obsessed with white Christmas lights so it didn't bother me a bit that it was still glistening in my living room. We rocked out to a little Jack Johnson, as I enjoyed the memories of each ornament one by one and Aaron cooked just a few feet away. I suggest this recipe for anyone who loves chicken, mushroom, and onions. The hint of white wine in the sauce made it so tasty! Yum! Oh, and it's no carbs, but still filling! Here is the final product. Looks very similar to the photo in the mag. Email me if you would like the recipe!

This morning I completed my every 56 days ritual of giving blood. I always feel great after giving in this way, but today it was a different feeling. I know we all feel helpless in the fight for Haiti and we don't know how to help. I can tell you that I spoke to the staff at The American Red Cross and blood donations are a major part of what Haiti needs right now. If you are not comfortable with giving monetary donations, your blood is actually a better donation. The nurses at ARC are professionals and they make it as painless as possible. I had my nurse in stitches because I was asking a thousand questions, like I always do. She thought I was funny!!!! If you are afraid of needles then donate your time. They always need volunteers for the blood drives.

Have a great weekend and Go Vikings!!!!!

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