Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go with the flow....

Sorry for no post yesterday, this weekend has been up in the air and plans have changed a thousand times. You know how in O Magazine, Oprah always asks "what do you know for sure?". Well, this weekend "what I know for sure" is that any plans we had, will change!!!

I, by nature, am a planner. I like to know what we are doing for the day so I can plan my attire, when I am going to shower (if I will blow-dry my hair or not ;-) ), meals, etc. Yesterday was pretty hysterical actually. Aaron and I laughed a lot at our craziness. After an hour of adjusting my new bike seat over 5 times, we went on a bike ride. It was freeeeezing so I wore hat, gloves and hoped for warmth! Prior to our bike ride, Aaron decided he wanted Oysters. So the journey began. We went to a wholesale seafood market who was supposed to be open and when we arrived no one was there. So we both got on our i-phones and raced to see who could find the best price per bushel for Clusters. Long story short, Backman's had the best price and they were open until 7pm. Perfect! Well, at least I thought. Aaron decided after our bike ride and I assume deep thoughts, that it would be too messy and we opted out. So we ended up ordering pizza. What the heck, how do you go from Oysters to Pizza?!?

I guess the lesson learned here is even though men think women change their minds a bizillion times, men are just as bad. This reminds me of the day during the holidays, when we spent over three hours at Costco staring at flatscreens only to come home with groceries and no new tv for the LTB. What's up with that? I need to have a serious discussion with Aaron. He needs to become more decisive, pronto!

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  1. LOVE the Croozie you've got going on, on your bike!!!!!!
    Thanks for the daps on the name you chose, that was just something that I made up but fit perfectly for our ODU Football outing. Love the site so far!!! Love you!