Sunday, January 24, 2010

Healthy replacements....

So we all like a little chips and salsa, nachos, chili, etc. when watching football, but sometimes we all regret it afterwards....Tonight we decided for the lighter fare and now we feel great! I made my "infamous" chicken salad. The funny thing is, I make it a little different every time. I started making this after college when I would mix together any and all veggies I had in the fridge with shredded grilled chicken. Tonight's dinner was light and perfect for us. You can still enjoy football without all the snacking ;-)

Tonight I mixed the following ingredients:

2 boiled chicken breasts, then hand-shredded
lots of carrots
lots of celery
sliced almonds
sweet relish
fat free mayo
Mrs. Dash

Notice: I do not measure, I add what feels right and then taste test ;-)

A little goes a long way since I loaded it up with lots of carrots and celery!

We also had leftover Greek Salad from our pizza order last night. I didn't even use salad dressing because the salad was so tasty!

After dinner, I made my new addiction. The Calm Tea I discussed in Thursdays post. It was nice and relaxing besides the stress of the football game we are watching right now.

Trying to go to bed early. Tomorrow's a new week!


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