Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dating on a budget-o!

Last night, Aaron set on a mission to only spend the $50 we were sent from the Staces. So, off we went. We chose Santi's knowing that Mexican would be reasonably priced. Here's the kicker, Santi's now serves liquor! Holy cow, I'm so excited! Since they only used to carry beer, margaritas, and pina coladas; I now have the option to order my usual RDC! Yippee. This made me so excited. They also have added a few signature drinks as well. Woo Woo! We managed to eat for under $23 with one adult beverage each and dinner. Pretty good if you ask me.

Next, we headed to the CRC (Charleston Rifle Club), we played a little pool and enjoyed a few spirits. Fun fun date night for the two of us! And we only spent $43 total for the entire night. We high-fived to "Team Stace"! We were so proud. The coolest part of the evening was when I saw an older couple in their late 70's shag to Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. It was awesome! Why is it that our generation does not dance. I want to dance like them and I am so mad that this pastime has been lost through the years. I am going to be bring it back!

This morning we continued our budget conscious weekend with a "made by Aaron" latte! Instead of giving Starbucks some $$$, we made our own. I must say, "not too shabby"! I am so lucky that my husband is such a wonderful cook! Splendido!

This afternoon, we did some "free' exercising and walked downtown and adored all the mansions and landscape design. This is one of my favorite activities that we do and it is FREE! Sometimes in the evening we do this, but we have a cocktail in hand and we admire all of the beautiful gardens. These are such fun dates!

We have a TON of bubbles left from NYE so to get in the spirit of the weekend, I just opened a bottle. For some reason, plain bubbly was not my cup of tea right now. So I added a little cranberry juice and OJ! This hit the spot! I chose my Heart Shaped Glass from our rehearsal dinner since it is so close the V-Day! I am glad I saved these ;-)

I am off to help Aaron with oysters. Remember, two weeks ago when he was on a mission? Well, today he made it happen. We are grilling them tonight and I am making an oyster stew for tomorrow! Yummy Yummy!

Question of the day?

Would you want shagging and other dances to come back into style? I am wanting to have a shag-party! Thoughts?

Have a good evening!


  1. Fun date night & day!!
    Yes I would definitely want to bring back dancing. I love to Shag and have several guy friends that I love to cut a rug with. Matt says that he wants to take lessons first! But what a fun idea!!

  2. SHAG Party, sounds fun! You know me LOVE dance parties!! :-)