Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Oyster Time!

Our two-person Oyster Roast last night was a huge success! Aaron set it up so we did not make a mess on the bar or the patio. The oysters were great and we combined them with saltines and HOT sauce! We had a great time together shuckin and shuckin and shuckin!

Tips to having a successful roast:
Local Cluster Oysters
Wooden Board covered with plastic (we used a trash bag) to shuck on and make a mess (newspaper topping works well too)
1 shucker per person (this way no one has to share)
Beer Beer or RDC for me!

Grill to cook them on, approximately 13 mins on the gas grill is how I like them, this a little more done than Aaron likes, he liked about 10 mins on high
Paper Towels
Saltine Crackers
HOT Sauce HOT Sauce
Good Company
Good Music, we jammed to a little Paul Simon
I prefer to wear long sleeves and clothes that I don't care about messing up
Of course, last but not least, I lit a few candles and voila perfect casual date night!

This morning I made Oyster Stew with leftover raw oysters that Aaron shucked last night. They are much harder to shuck when they are not cooked but it made it easier for me to start prepping this morning. I soaked them in their own juices over night in a air-tight tupperware container.

The stew was great with lots of veggies. The only ingredients that we were "sort of" unhealthy are the 2% milk and the butter. I added potatoes, celery, onions, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper. I also used two garlic cloves, for an extra kick. It turned out great and we have some leftovers as well!

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