Monday, February 8, 2010

A little puppy love

Yesterday I tried a few holidays gifts for the first time. The infamous Mrs. Stace gave me (I guess, us, but me, since I do the grooming) a new dog brush called the "Fur-minator"! What a fun name.

This thing worked wonders on Morgan (black lab), I could have brushed for 4 more hours, but I only brushed her for 30 minutes. I did not take a photo of the HUGE pile of hair because I do not think this is something you would want to see. I know most of my readers have dogs and I highly highly suggest this brush. I looked up the price and it ranges from $20-25. I think this is a pretty average price for the quality of this brush. I know I sound like an advertisement, but really this brush was amazing AND the dogs did not seem to mind the brush. Actually, Frau (english setter) was rubbing into me as if it was a massage for her. I decided to use the brush for the first time because I took Morgan down to the dog park and she decided to run through ALL of the mud puddes and even drink the muddy water. I could not keep her away so what the heck, let her enjoy it and then clean her up afterwards.

The brush also came with Fur-minator De-Shedding Dry Shampoo and Conditioner. How AMAZE-ING! It smelled good and you just spray and wipe. Perfect, I didn't have to break my back washing Morgan.

I also took a nice hot bath before the Super Bowl and opened some gourmet soap that Aaron gave me for Christmas. The scent is Creamy Coconut. Anything to make Aaron feel like he is on a surf trip in Barbados. The scent was not very strong, but my skin was so soft afterwards. I definitely recommend these soaps. We gave our "sisters" some for Christmas presents. They are great gifts. The name of the company is Charleston Soap Chef @ They have a booth at the market at Marion Square from April to December or in the off-season you can visit their website. This soap made my skin so silky smooth it was great! The only thing I didn't like was I couldn't seem to get a good lather, like I get with my Dove Soap.

My post seems a little "advertisementy" today, but that was not my intention. I wanted to share a few things I have found along the way that I enjoy. Enjoy!

Did you guys like the Super Bowl ads? Which one was your favorite? I must say, the Dodge commercial made me laugh out loud since about 8 of the things they mentioned in the ad (putting your pants in the hamper, etc) I ask Aaron to do on a daily basis. I told him he could drive a Dodge too, if he wanted too! HAHA! Too bad he is a FORD guy.

We just scored great last minute tickets to the John Meyer concert tonight so I am super excited!

OH Happy Day,

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