Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Late Lunch= Great Spot

This morning flew by and after a hour and a half conference call we (office people) were starving so we headed to The Taco Spot in West Ashley (right next to Fiery Ron's Hometeam, my fav bar b'que) I was a first timer, but no more. It was excellent. So cute and quaint. The walls were painted the same green as the LTB (Lime Tree Bar) so even better! I always love a little sweet tea, but lately have been thinking the Southern Sweet Tea is too sweet for my taste buds and too much sugar for my wasteline. I thought they did a great job of offering both with their "Semi-Sweet Tea". This is a great substitution for having to do "half and half", as my Pop likes to call it. OMG, my lunch was wonderful. I ordered the caribbean salad (you can order it as a burrito, salad, etc.) I chose a salad (since we had chicken tacos last night made by Aaron). This salad was so good. I had to go without the Jalapeno Puree' cuz I can't do spicy, but the sweet pomegranate sauce was outrageous. Yum Yum Yum!

Another great thing about this meal was three of us ate for only $21! No, alcohol of course but still a great deal. FYI: their wine distributor came in showing off his Pinot Noir that looks like a Capri Sun. How cool! "Drink and Go, but no driving" is the selling point. Seriously, red wine that looks like a Huge Capri Sun. Just give me a straw and I'm done.

Out for the count


  1. I personally drank H20, but thought the cute tea label was adorable, just had to add that!

  2. We'll have to check it out the next time we're in town (which will hopefully be soon); sounds delicious!