Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unexpected Friendz

Isn't life interesting how it brings people in and out of your life? Sometimes people are so present in your life that you wish they would sometimes go away, and then others leave your life as fast as they came and you think to yourself.... what was the purpose of that?

I can tell you, there definitely was a purpose. It may just take you a while to understand why? Living Downtown Charleston has afforded me a few unlikely friendships that I am so grateful for. It often takes someone not as fortunate as me to help me understand others. It is too easy in today's world to get caught up in your own world and assume you know/understand everyone's lives. On our street we have had the opportunity to help tutor two young ladies ages 11 and 12, befriend a retired neighbor who talks to me about College Football (wink,wink) and Aaron about Fishing, help an elderly neighbor in her yard, and offer work to a Disabled Deaf Man. There is always a story and always a smile.

Where else can I live and meet all of these diverse, unique, wonderful people?

I feel so lucky to have been pushed, wrestled, and squeezed out of my box of what I shall call "Khaki World". What if I stayed in my little bubble my entire life, I would never have the stories that I am going to have to tell my grandkids. Score! I will have so many stories for my grandkids to roll their eyes about, but who cares. They are MY stories and MY "unexpected friendz".

Tonight we had an unexpected visit from one of our unexpected friendz. As he signaled for me to come "chat" with him, I had no idea what he was signing so I just waved and smiled. Today is his birthday and he shares it with our "Mom" (mother-in-law) so Aaron invited him in for Celebratory Beverage. I hadn't seen him in too long and it was great to know he is doing well. He was smiling and laughing and I have no idea at what, but that's not the point. How great it is to see others smile and laugh, even if you don't have any idea why?

So I have two things for you this evening:
First, tell me about an unlikely friend you have made recently
Two, go find an unlikely friend. I promise it will enlighten you and remind you what life is all about.

Stay true to yourself and go make some new friends. You too, have something to offer the world!

Peace and Love,

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