Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need a pick me up?

After the gym last night, Aaron and I went to the College of Charleston vs. Appalachian State basketball game. It was the last home game and it was Senior Night! I love sporting events live! The band was pumpin, the cheerleaders were tumblin, and the dance team was spinnin. Ha, and I was movin and shakin in my seat. What a fun complex!

I loved the game. I am pretty sure even more than Aaron. He watched calmly, while I on the other hand chanted "COUG-ARS! COUG-ARS!" I always forget how much I love sporting events, especially ones that are "sudden death" and the HOME TEAM WINS in the last 3 seconds! WOO-HOO GO CofC!

If you are feeling a little drab from the winter blues, I promise you: if you go to a sporting event you will feel refreshed and energized! Being around all the energy of the fans is something you cannot replace. As you can tell, I had a swell time!

You can't tell, but the entire stadium was on it's feet, the last 3 minutes of the game.

Question of the day: What sporting event do you have planned for the near future? Hockey, Basketball, etc?

(CofC's baseball starts this Friday at 5pm! So excited because this means RIVERDOGS are coming soon April 8th!)

I have passed this sign for the last couple of days and for some reason it struck a chord with me. I don't feel that I am necessarily headed in the wrong direction, but I think it is a great message for those who are. It is never too late to start over, be a better person, or dare to do what you have always dreamed of. U-turns are allowed in this road we call "Life" and so are clean slates. Starting all over is an option. If you know anyone who needs someone to hold their hand to get through a hard time, share this message with them. I think it's powerful. It was for me.

Peace and Love,

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  1. I totally agree. That was the first game I have been to and it awesome! The stadium is so nice. I am looking forward to next season!