Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One little triumph at a time...

So last night I headed out to run a few errands and then find a treadmill at the gym, since it is dark and cold outside and working out outside is not an option at 6:30. I completed my errands and the headed to the gym. The parking lot was a FULL parking lot. And looking through the front windows of the gym I could see that every single cardio machine was full, ugh! For every one person leaving, it seemed like three people were entering. So I said "forget this!"

Instead of abandoning my plan to make it to the gym, I decided to head to the second location of the gym (It's actually closer to my house, so not a big deal). What IS a big deal, is the parking situation. Downtown is nuttzo!!!!! and Aaron extremely dislikes me paying to park. (Insert DISLIKE button here).

As I got to the street the gym is on, I saw one spot actually available on the street, this means. Uh oh, I have to parallel park, not good! Just the thought of Parallel Parking makes me start to sweat ;-(

So, I drove around the block hoping to find a "different" spot. No luck! As I approached "the spot", I gave myself a pep talk. You can do this, You can do this! Thank goodness my other half was not with me because it makes it worse and he stresses me out. Guess what? I parked fantastically! I was/still am so proud of my spot. And actually was thinking about my parking spot probably half of my cardio workout. So funny, I know. But, it is the little triumphs that make life so fun. I came home with the biggest grin on my face so proud to tell Aaron that I parallel parked and it was after 7pm, so no meter had to be paid. I was so proud I even took a few pictures.

HAHA! I am so funny, I laugh at myself.

What little triumphs have you done lately?

Mine was so small, but to me it was huge. I have NEVER parallel parked in Downtown Charleston! I am a proud and silly girl today!

Y'all have a good day now!

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  1. Way to go!! Our gym is so crowded right now. It is beyond irritating.