Sunday, February 28, 2010

old things are new again!

Through the years I always worked out with a friend...and then when I moved to Charleston my "workout buddies" weren't with me so I got used to working out alone.

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of working out with a gal friend again. I forgot how much I loved having a partner!

We did cardio next to each other for 40 minutes, and then we actually did not lift together (she did legs, I did arms), and then we met back up at the mat for a little stretching and ab work.

What a fun way to start my Saturday! I knew all Friday night that I had this workout "date" so there was no way I was getting out of control on Friday night.

I did have a grand 'ol time on Friday night at a Surprise Birthday party for a dear friend, but I was home by a decent time, so I got plenty of ZZZZZZ's and felt great Saturday mornin.

I wish I had her to work out with me every several times a week. My (original) OG workout partner actually lives here now, but she goes to a different gym. Oh, how I miss the good ol days when I fell in love with lifting.

If you are needing a little motivation, or are just plain bored I highly suggest you get a workout partner and you commit to each other that no matter what (kids ,too much alcohol the night before, or just tired from work) that you meet each other on the designated days and you "Just do it!". Nike was on to something with their motto! Love it! and IT's TRUE!!!

So get out there and just do it! Commit to a partner and commit to yourself!

On a side note, I know that I have not posted my DIY projects yet. I promise they are coming soon!

Aaron has been cooking collard greens and a pork roast all day and the house smells yummy! We are close to eating in another hour or so. I am off to work on my DIY'ers.

Have a great Sunday night!

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