Monday, March 1, 2010

flippin' for new kicks!

I have never been more excited to work out in my life!

I finally got myself some new kicks this weekend and I can't wait to wear them tonight!

I am ashamed to admit this, but I was way overdue for some new shoes. My arches are a bit "collapsed" now from Ballet and Dance, so I need extra support AND my feet are wider than most, so I need the perfect shoe!

I have been wearing ASICS for about 8 years now. I love them!
These are not Asics, but I thought there were cool looking. Apparently they are Lebron's shoes!

My last pair were actually inherited by me from my sister. I think she bought them too small, so she gave them to me. She and I are a half size different, so it worked out for me.

I know what you were thinking, why didn't you have your own shoes?

Well, good question. I did have shoes, and then it was time to say goodbye to them. Ever since I decided to run into the ocean and fall on my face in Vernazza, Italy my shoes were never the same. I finally threw them out and then the pair I inherited came along and I never got around to buying a new pair.

So, there I was at the running store on Saturday. Chattin up with the "young" boy who works there. It was very obvious that he is either working in the store or RUNNING (like Forrest Gump) You know the look I'm talking about? Almost so pure from all the running that you feel completely not worthy of even being around him?

Anyhow, I talked and talked and explained to him my love for Asics. He brought me one pair to try on and it was like Heaven. Compared to the shoes I have been wearing, these things were amazing. I walked around for a second and said "OK, thanks!"

I think he was surprised that I was such an easy sale. They feel great, they look great (have a little pink in them ;-)) So off I went. That was the easiest money I have ever spent.

Let's hope they are as great tonight as they were on Saturday in the store!

Here's to all of you and your Monday night workouts!

Just be sure to get home in time to watch the Bachelor Finale!

Question of the day: Who is it Vienna or Tenley?


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  1. So funny; I actually have to wear Asics too, but my arches aren't flat from's the flip flops that did me in. I was a little concerned you bought the LeBron shoe for a minute when is saw the picture. We'll have to try our new shoes (I'm getting a pair this week) on the bridge during my next visit.