Tuesday, March 2, 2010

creative juices...

In case you were wondering, last night's workout was fantastic! My arms are pretty sore today, but that's a good thing!

Score! The new shoes were a success!

On Sunday I made an attempt to get myself back in order from the Olympics. I stopped my reading, and all things "ME!", in order to watch the games and I need to get re-focused. I have 5 books on my night stand that I have either bought, been given as gifts, or passed down to me. So I decided to start "have a little faith" on Sunday evening.
After dinner and before Brother's and Sisters and as I was watching the closing ceremonies. (Again, the Olympics taking over!) I read the first 120 pages. That's pretty good for an hour or of reading plus multi-tasking. I am loving it so far, but it is so important to take time for yourself. Also, I promised Shanay (my reader) that I would be reading extra, so I have to keep my promise.

As I was reading, I had this for dessert along with a cup of Chai tea. Well, this is the wrapper.

These are wonderfully charming chocolates. I first had them in Cinque Terre, Italy on our honeymoom. Every night in our little villa, they left one on each of our pillows. Aaron and I loved them so much so we brought a box home with us.

Obviously, they are all gone. That was three years ago!

I found them at a gourmet store in my hometown and put them in Aaron's stocking this year. Too bad, I am only the one has had one.
Inside the wrapper, is a little fortune. It is written in four different languages.
It read:
" Love is a spontaneous grass, not a garden plant."
Love this! And so true. You can't put love in a constricted place and expect it to be able to breathe and flourish.

It's amazing how reading a new book, or finding a fortune in a chocolate wrapper can get your brain thinking. So many things influence our thoughts and dreams.

I wanted to share this little tip with y'all.
You probably don't believe me when I tell you that I cannot wrap a present. I am so terrible that I beg Aaron to wrap gifts during the holidays. He does help me, but for the most part I apologize to my family for my shortcomings and hope they like their presents regardless of the "wrap-job"
Gift bags are an angel, although I think they are the easy way out. Sometimes a girls got use one especially in my lack of skills department.

I bought this rope for one of DIY projects and decided to use it on a gift I wrapped for a friend last week. I really liked how thick it was and how rustic it looked around the gift.

Another score! Being able to use something for more one than one project is great! I love these types of finds. Another cool thing about it is, I bought it at Home Depot. Probably would have been pricier at a gift shop. Smart finds are awesome!

Here's to new ideas and thinking out of the box!

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