Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is it homesick or home sick?

Today I am home sick, as in feel terrible and want to scream. Just laying down brings pressure so intense that I have to just grab my cheeks. ugh! Not going to be negative. OK. I'm done.

Well, today I have discovered that I am NOT good at staying home sick. Last night in my wild, achy dreams I was scrubbing the hard woods with Murphy's Oil Soap. Why am I always dreaming about cleaning?

The worse part is that when I wake up, I realize it's not true and that I still have to clean!

All day as I was laying upright in bed, (because laying down hurt so much) all I was doing was looking around my bedroom thinking about all the cleaning I need to do. I have "Spring Cleaning Fever" apparently.

I am in a serious de-cluttering mood. Then instead of trying to take another nap, I attempted to read my March O' (Oprah) Magazine. Guess what the subject is?

De-Cluttering your life whether it be your house, getting rid of bad friends, or getting rid of bad habits.

This just made me worse. I wanted to grab a trash bag and start cleaning.

So, I have known for a long time that I am OCD, if you don't know what this means, just look at me!

I am highly intense when it comes to placement in the house, as well as, as soon as I have an idea I want to do it NOW!
For instance, the other day I was walking through the kitchen with my hands full, noticed a spot on the stainless steel fridge. So you guessed what's next, 20 minutes later I had scrubbed and wiped down all the appliances as well as the kitchen counters.

Aaron came in and said what are you doing? I said, "I got side tracked". He just looked at me, like yea, I know what that means.

I get an idea and I have to do it right then? Does that make me Personality A?
I have never accepted that I'm an A, because I think I'm pretty lax about some things, I guess I am both? Does that exist?

My point is, instead of enjoying a day off and in bed like some people do I have been itching to get better so I can take care of business.

I am dreaming of these:

What is wrong with me?

I need to get better so I can implement all of the house chore ideas I have thought of today.

Please pray I get better, atleast for my sanity!


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