Thursday, March 4, 2010


OK, this is going to be quick because I am still feeling terrible, but better but not BEST!

I believe tomorrow it will be back to work and I hope my head does not feel like it is still exploding.

Today, since I am feeling 30% better than yesterday, I made it out of the bed and onto the couch to watch Julie and Julia.

I figured this was the best time for me to get it OnDemand since Aaron was working.

I love love loved it! My brain is scrambling around thinking of how I can apply the lesson to my own life.

I have a creative mind, I just haven't seemed to find how to put it to use.

I think my constant thoughts of "you will fail" or "you are not good enough" get in the way.

What's up with that?

You are your own worst enemy? Why is that?

Any how, I am stopping that right now! No more! No more!

Bottom line: Julie and Julia is fantastic!
I found myself laughing out loud a few times, even with my stuffed up/runny nose ;-)

On a side note: I tried the Neti Pot today. The pharmacist suggested it.

Have any of you tried the Neti Pot before?

I was really nervous about it because I am really funny about my nose and my eyes, nothing foreign entering Thank you very much!

Honestly, I felt great after using it. The cleared out feeling lasted about an hour, but still. Totally worth it!

The pharmacist helped me with OTC ways to cure myself. Trying the 'no antibiotics' route this time around.

Hope it works and for a good night's sleep!


  1. I love the Neti Pot! Mike and I have both used it. It is a little weird at first but totally works. I am so glad your are starting to feel better.

    Love you- Lisa

  2. The Neti is GREAT!! It works for me!!! A little messy so I do it in the shower. Glad you're feeling better. I loved Julie and Julia too! It definitely got me in the mood to try out new recipes!! :-)