Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blame it on the Moon

I have been desperately trying to figure out why I got sick this week..

-After having the best workout in a long time the night before
-Eating really well and making wiser choices
-Feeling upbeat about the future and thinking positive

I cannot get a hold on why I got sick again..

I believe things happen for a reason, so why is it? Was God trying to tell me to slow down? I don't know.
I have come to conclusion that it is all the full moon's fault.

My medicine kept me up all night and I was dreaming about blogging all night. Funny, I know.
I took notes in my iphone in the middle of the night so I would remember the subjects I want to write about.
As I was laying there unable to sleep at 3am, the half moon was shining through the closed blinds and I realized, it was the MOON!
Atleast that's my thought and I'm stickin to it, darn it!

Which leads me to, why do we have to have a reason for everything? I don't know.
You know when a relationship ends, or you are feeling defeated by some obstacle: Everyone always says this is happening for a reason.
I always give that advice to my peers. I think it's true, but it is so darn hard to grasp when you are going through it, right?

So, I continued to lay there and when the "blame it on the moon" idea came to mind all can I could think was..........

Yea, you're right. If you know me well, you know I sing a lot, and I mean A LOT! I sing everything. Sort of similar to the Rabbi in my book I'm reading, too funny!

So I sung myself to sleep, just like this....

"Blame it on the Moon, yea yea
Blame it on the Stars that shine at night.
Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you,
Blame it on the Moon, yea yea"

I know you all loved Milli Vanilli, you just don't want to admit. That's ok, I will admit it for you!

Have a fantastic day, I am cleanin, organizin, and groovin since I finally feel up to it!

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  1. HAHA...I loved MV and sang every word to every song. lol. And I make notes in my BB too on blogging ideas.