Sunday, March 7, 2010

greeting card obsession...

OK, I admit my obsession with greeting cards.

I often buy birthday cards for my closest friends and family members months and I mean, MONTHS before the actual day.

For instance, I have already bought Aaron's anniversary card a month ago and our anniversary isn't until April 28th. If I see a card I adore I get it for the future and hold on to it. Well, here's the kicker. That's the kicker. Note: "hold on to it" That's the problem right there. I find them, hide them from myself, and then can't find them when the date comes along.

I have so so so many cards from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays that have gotten lost in the shuffle that I find months afterwards. So funny.

Since it's the time of year you know, TAX TIME. I was just cleaning off my home office desk and I found a great, awesome, cute card!

Problem is:
1. No Envelope
2. No earthly idea who I bought it for

It's a nice little diddy with a great message. I sure wish knew who I bought it for and what the occasion was. I think I must have been to trying to brighten someone's day because of the message, but who knows.

I am going to share it with you since I have no envelope and I do not want to give it to someone it was not intended for. I believe in that stuff, haha.

OK, here it is...

enjoy.breathe deep.
drink to the future
but savor the past.
sing an old song.
say a blessing.

(joanna seltzer)

Do you like giving and receiving cards?

I don't want a gift if I don't get a card. (I know, I'm a brat about cards.)

Enjoy the message and have a good week.

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