Monday, March 8, 2010

busy bee...

This week is gonna be NUTZO! Nutzo in a good way, that is.

Not only am I going to have house guests I am going to also have "people over" for St. Patty's Day (can't call it a party or the husband gets upset due to having too many parties).

OH, and the worst part, TAX Preparation. Ugh, why did I schedule that for this week too? I always think I am SuperWoman and then quickly realize I am not.

Most of you may be thinking what's the big deal? Taxes, House Guests, and a "Partay".

Well, I am OCD if you haven't realized and it must be PERFECT (atleast strive for perfection)

I hate not having everything ready for my accountant, I have to give my guests the warmest of welcomes, and I want everyone to have a good time on Saturday so this means I become a worker bee. I actually live for this stuff so I don't know why I am treating this week differently.

I guess because I am still not over this "crud" I have and the pollen is officially out which means me not able to breathe.

NO whining NO whining in this game we call LIFE!

Yesterday in hopes to prepare myself I got the LTB ready. LTB= Lime Tree Bar= my backyard escape

This is the LTB ready for our Roaring 20's NYE party.
I also organized the closets I was dreaming about earlier in the week.
So I got some things accomplished yesterday, go me!

Now, here is my checklist of things to do for my guests:
1.Clean Sheets in guest room so they have fresh cozy sheets! (I never do this until the day before guests arrive this way the sheets really are clean and fresh!)

2.Dust the guest room

3.Move Aaron's bike out of the guest room! (this one irritates me, another story for another day)

4.Make sure the guest bath has plenty of toiletries ie. shampoo, conditioner, fresh bar of DOVE, hand soap, clean hand towel, plenty of TP, and toothpaste

5. Pick up in the office since we have a little one coming and his pack-n-play needs room to be opened.

6.Buy Beer and Soda the guests like (it is always nice when your guests are your close buddies so you know exactly what they like.) Hint: if you don't know your guests well, ask them in an non-evasive way what they like

7.Make sure all things baby are in good order, as in if this one was walking I would unplug a few things and get some cabinet locks (I don't have to do this until August, very exciting about those guests too!)

8.Get a welcome gift or fresh flowers from the yard for them to feel welcomed to (my mom always has a gift and a magazine on the bed for me when I come home, I always look forward to it so I have adopted this from her) (My mom is so cool, have I mentioned that before? She is such a good host, I love visiting her, my dad too actually. He's a pretty cool host too since he always gets me stone crabs. YUM!)

9. Breathe and get excited they are coming. The weather is supposed to be grand for them. Thursday will not get here fast enough.

If you don't do all these things, don't fret. Like I said, I am OCD and like things Perfect. I am sure I have missed something because I always think of something.

10.Oh yea, make a playlist for me and my girlfriend to listen to while we sip on a cocktail on the front porch (she and I have been dreaming of this since she was pregnant and she's not NOW so game on!)

11.And one more thing which reminds me wipe down the Rockin' Chairs on the front porch so we can chat and sip!

Happy Planning,


  1. You are too cute! I like the present idea. That is a great way to make them feel welcome!!

  2. We can't wait to see you Thursday night, and I can't wait to have that cocktail on the porch again!

  3. I ♥ your checklist KS!! Wish I was coming, maybe next time! :-)