Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bone to pick

I have a huge issue with advertisers right now!

Since I worked in the advertising world for almost 5 years, I understand everyone has to make a dolla' and that you have reinvent the wheel as far as your landscape and where to put your name, BUT goodness gracious in the past week every single one of my favorite and most visited websites has the new Pop-Downs and I am going to scream!

Do you know which ones I am talking about? The ones that aren't there when you first visit the sight and then as you begin to scroll down the pop-down occurs and basically scrolls you back to the top and you can't see what you were reading.

For real people. get it together. This is only going to keep me from visiting your site. When I am trying to read the news, current events, and/or celebrity gossip do not stand in my way. It's like having someone stand in front of you at a concert or a movie.

I have checked my pop-up blocker setting "umpteen" times to make sure I do not have it off. I am going to swear off advertising completely if these things don't go away.

If you are wondering what set me off this morning, I was reading the news online and this pop-down occurred and when I went to hit the "close" button it took me to the company's website. Really? Come on now...this is just silly..

OK, I'm done. Have a great day everyone...sorry for the rant, ugh!

What irritates you the most about advertising? I want to hear your irritations......

1 comment:

  1. I love the phrase umpteen!! I have noticed a lot more of these popdowns lately too. So annoying.