Thursday, March 11, 2010

the more the merrier

One thing about me is I love to bring people together and introduce them.

I love watching all "walks of life" meet and converse. It's like watching kids on the first day of school meeting new friends.

If we never meet new friends and stay in our comfort zone, aren't we missing out on life?

Each person you meet along the way teaches you something.
Whether it be humility, class, or even what you don't like in a friend.

For this very reason, every time I plan a social event I attempt to add someone new to "the mix". I think it adds something new to the evening and livens everyone up. It sometimes also means my friends are on their best behaviors. Maybe this is my secret reason for inviting new people? Only kidding, only kidding.

Last Summer, one of my friends "met a new friend" on the beach and invited her to my party. The funny thing is, she was a hit! Everyone was chatting with her and igniting new conversations. I do not know what ever happened to her, but I do know that she was cute, fun, and brought something new to the group.

Some people do not like to mix business with pleasure, but sometimes I think it is a good idea. I know people are completely different in the workplace then they are away from work, but so WHAT? I always invite peers that I have through professional work. Unfortunately, not everyone comes. I think they are doing themselves a disservice. They could missing out on business leads or even new friendships.

Be, the YES man! And attend your co-workers after hours parties. You may learn something. Try to attend events with new people, I promise you will experience something new!

Be Jim Carrey and attend all the costume parties and movie-themed parties you are invited to. You never know what could happen!

Have you ever attended a co-workers function or invited someone out of your inner-cirlce to a party? What was the result? Good or Bad? I want stories.....

My house guests will be here in less than 12 hours!

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