Sunday, February 21, 2010

the perfect day...

Today, I spent the day all by myself. Sounds a little sad, but it was actually perfect! Aaron had to work so I took the opportunity to do all the things I have been meaning to do. I needed to go to Michael's (craft store), Home Depot and A.C. Moore. I have two Do-It-Yourself projects that I am working on and all for you guys! Both projects are ones that you can do yourself and are practical uses in the home. Here is a photo of everything I bought while shopping.

Can you figure out what my two projects are?

Items bought:
16.5 in. round cork board
sisal rope
tan burlap
tan fabric
striped fabric
black and white ribbon
16X20 in. shadow box

After my errands, I decided to walk the bridge. It was a beautiful day!
I love walking the bridge for two reasons:
One, I love being able to see the view of Charleston from the top
Two, Aaron proposed at the top of the bridge so it always makes me smile and makes me think about November 1, 2005!

I loved this tug boat. Not a great photo (Iphone) but for some reason it made me think of Popeye! I wanted to stand in the front of it with my arms up! I'm silly!

Almost to the top! Again, it was a glorious day! It was a bit windy at the top but not too bad!

The "spot" This is my shadow in the pic, Aaron got down on his knee in this exact very spot. ( I still can't remember a single soul walking by us, when he got down on his knee! Love him!)

I am very excited about my two DIY projects! I hope you are too!

Night night!

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  1. I better be getting one of whatever you the shadow are a genius!