Monday, February 22, 2010

quick tip

to add to my "bridge walk" post...

I forgot to tell y'all a quick tip I discovered yesterday. I started my walk up the bridge listening to my "NYE 11:26pm" Playlist on my ipod/iphone. For those of you who weren't there on New Year's Eve, this was a compilation of a countdown of the decades starting with the 1920's (since it was a Roaring Twenties Party) and then Auld Lang Syne and into the after midnight mix (the fun dance stuff!). So I made it through a few songs and all of a sudden the ipod would shuffle to a random song and not even on that playlist. At one point, I was listening to Jingle Bell Rock and completely irritated. Ugh!

this is where my phone almost ended up....and at the very bottom! arghh!

My love affair with my Iphone was ending and I was about to chuck it off the bridge. I think a stranger even heard me spatting out inappropriate words along with "what the heck is going on!". For those that have seen me angry before, once I lose my cool it's gone for about a week. I was so upset and as I was making my way back down the bridge I seriously had to "pull-over" and figure this thing out. I was telling myself I was going to the Apple Store STAT and they were gonna have to fix it this very minute. HAHA! Like the Apple people would care about me and my little ol' Iphone.

Anyhow, I even tried counting the seconds before a song would shuffle. It seemed like it was after 30 seconds of the song starting, then it seemed like 45 seconds, and then one time it was even 1.5 minutes. What the?

I finally decided to check out the account's the kicker! Ha ha, I am so glad I can laugh at myself now. I had it set on the "shake to shuffle" option! Meaning, if the phone is in my hand that is walking so briskly on the bridge as soon as it "shook" in my hand, the song changed!

ah ha! There you go. My arms were pumping and my ipod was shuffling. I could not help but laugh.

Check your settings next time you exercise and make sure you don't have this option checked. I was about to comitt Iphone homicide and for my own wrongdoing

I hope this tip helps y'all!

Good day!

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  1. I was laughing so hard reading this...b/c I know you so so WELL and I CAN ONLY IMAGINE what you looked like frustrated on the bridge with this happening...You have been like this since you were you...