Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A parallel universe

OK, I have no idea what is going on but I feel like this......

The last few days I have felt like I was somewhere other than.... "HERE"!
What's up with that?

First, I swear every driver on the road besides me is "under the influence".
Be it morning, noon, or night, every one is swerving, driving way too slow, or just not moving. Seriously, I know it's not me!

Second, I saw a woman with a 6 child stroller today! Really? Who needs this many kids? Much less, who designed this thing, it is bigger than my car. Granted, I know I am not a Mom yet and this parallel universe is true to an extent. BUT, who in their right mind has 6 kids who all fit in a stroller? This also means a lot of diapers, and everything else nice. Crazy!

Finally, I have finally figured out why I AM a Zombie.

Hello, THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have stayed up late every night for 11 nights straight now! I am obsessed and can't miss a thing.
Which means tonight, also less SLEEP! The ice dancing was beautiful and amazing last night!
Geez, I really loved the Canadians! (and the two US teams too!)

BUT, am I the only one that thinks the Russians use of rope on their costumes is a form of cheating?

I really feel like this rule should be implemented.
RULE: No ropes, chains or anything else that aids you in holding onto your partner. I am really baffled by this one.

Question: Do you feel the Russians ropes were a form of cheating?

(I really just want to know how you feel, I will not judge your response) Please share your thoughts on this, I need to understand it!

GO TEAM USA, Women's Figure Skating Tonight! Woo-Hoo!

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