Wednesday, February 24, 2010

is it catch up or ketchup?

I have been so busy this week I haven't even had a chance to start my DIY projects. I promise by week's end, I will have a masterpiece to show you!

A few things I considered, learned, or otherwise didn't know until yesterday:

Alcohol use has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease? What, really? This made me think about family members past, present, and even myself. Am I at risk just because I consume alcohol?

This really took me by surprise. According to studies, because alcohol's effects on cognition, brain disorders, and brain chemistry share some features with AD's effects on these three areas, it is plausible that alcohol use might also increase the risk of developing AD.

I know how hard it is watching a family member with AD and/or Dementia and I definitely know that I do not want my kids/husband to have to go through that with me.

Second, Did you know that McDonald's has the "healthiest" fast-food fries in the country?
How is this possible? Not only are they the best (if I had to choose between BK, Wendy's, Chik-fil-a, etc) they are also the best for you! Well, as much as I am refraining from eating french fries this is good information to know if for some reason I was stranded and had to pick between a few fast food chains. ;-)

Finally, as I watched Joannie Rochette's performance last night and wiped away my tears. (I was so touched by her. She's such a beautiful skater and her heart was 100% in the moment.)
I wondered why it is that the world all of a sudden becomes compassionate for someone after they lose a parent? Am I not saying this is a bad thing, but if I had not known her story I would not have been rooting for her last night during her short program on the ice. I, of course can relate to this since I lost my dad when I was nine years old. I sometimes wondered if people were nice to me because they felt sorry for me and guilty because they still had their parents.

I was considering this as the skater after Joannie approached the ice, and I didn't even want to watch her because I was so touched by Joannie. This isn't fair to the next girl?
She didn't lose a parent, so we don't support her?

I know this sounds completely crazy, honest, and mean but I wonder why it is that in order to receive respect and honor you must experience some act of adversity?

Why don't we support ONE and ALL?

Life is about jumping hurdles, starting over, and experiencing the worst before you make it to the top. Maybe, just maybe there is someone who has never had a bad day ever and never had to rise from the bottom?

But then again, maybe not.

Maybe we all have our own battle and sometimes it doesn't involve losing your Mom two days before your Olympic performance.

Let's support one and all. Hero or not.
We are all heroes to my someone. At least, I hope we are.


  1. Compassion is compassion and understanding and relating is just that. It is normal to feel this and to root for the underdog who has gone through adversity. My beliefs are that we are afraid normally to befriend somone after a tragic event as it is almost like people think it is contagious so they would rather stay back, yet if you are Khak people just like you b/c it is you and how could you not? But, yes does emotion sway the audience, hello, my friend you are a dancer and remember "PAPA" so that should answer your question and I say I get nervous when any of them do anything as I hate to see anyone fall or the dreams become lessened. TO me the battle of LIfe is Showing you.

  2. I love you too my wise sister