Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pit Stop for Hummus...

Wow! This weekend has been interesting to say the least...It started off with SNOW! I know I know, most of you are over the snow and not sharing in my excitement, BUT it never, ever, never ever snows in Charleston so let me be ecstatic! I actually think I am solely responsible for the snow. Let me explain, when it was time to put away all of the Christmas decorations, I decide to leave this little guy on the kitchen counter.

I plug him in every night! I think he brought Snow Prayers to us in the Lowcountry and Ta-Da the snow came. One of my best friends in the entire world gave this to me for Thanksgiving. (She gives me gifts every time she sees me, she actually comes up with reasons to buy me gifts. If you haven't figured out who I am speaking of, it is my big sister Amy!) The meaning of the PENGUIN is that my Grandmother loved them and my dad actually nicknamed her "Penguin".

OK, so Friday the snow came. Then Saturday we headed down to see how Aaron's orange trees faired in the snow down on the river. The news= not good ;-( The greenhouse collapsed, but Aaron was able to fix it a little until he has his workers with him. Not photo supplied due to sad face!

I found this awesome slow-cooker turkey chili recipe so I prepared it around 2pm and served it around 8pm. It was kind of a mexican chili loaded with Veggies and black beans! Yummy!

The peanut gallery (friends) seemed to like it and only good comments were made. It was super easy since after the prep work is complete, just turn on the crock pot and "let it do it's thang!"

Here's the link, if you would like to try it...I made a few additions: chili powder, brown sugar, and can of Rotelle (for the green chiles)

Today we went to the see "Dear John". Aaron loved seeing the College of Charleston in the movie. His face lit up when he saw it. He's too cute. It's a little dark, but this is Aaron before the movie started.

We got home (Aaron rushed home to see the Dayton 500) for us to find that the track was being repaired and I got bored sitting there so I remembered that I had Chick Peas in the fridge so I decided to venture out and make my own HUMMUS!

I love hummus and it's good for you. So here we go.

We were given this chopper/blender as a wedding present from my grandparents and I have never opened it. Shame on me, because I am in love. I can really use this and it could have come in handy so many times before today. Lesson learned: Always use gifts!

I made up my own recipe. This was a first so I was just "shootin from the hip" I added

chick peas
jalapeno slices
jalapeno juice
cummin pwder
garlic salt

It was so good. I am impressed with myself. What's even cooler, is the blender base can go in the dishwasher, even better! This thing was great. I might have to start giving this thing has gifts. It was way too easy to use and clean up. For me, this means SCORE! I'm lovin it.

I put the hummus on my favorite Carr's crackers. Delish.

I am going to make my own hummus from now on when entertaining. Sounds like a plan to me!

See y'all tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Oooh that sounds yummy! I will definitely try the hummus recipe! Happy Valentine's Day.