Sunday, March 28, 2010

ya gotta laugh...

I have had a horrendous of a day, if I can say so myself. I am going to avoid the details but I have not had the Sunday that I had planned for. Got home late, thank goodness Aaron had put a pot roast in this afternoon so dinner and a glass of red wine were ready for me when I walked in the door (the only thing I had to do was light the candle on the table ;-) ).

Any how, after my day I am just irritated and grumpy. Not to mention we had plans to sit outside by the fire tonight and then Mother Nature rained on my parade. Boo!

I am usually not negative or bummed out, but I am tonight.

I have been avoiding writing about this for some time now, but I don't think I can avoid it now.

Aaron has been singing this song around the house for a few weeks now and I am going to lose my mind!!!!!!

It is seriously funny, though.

I am not sure who exactly would EAT a filet-o-fish from McD's, but their gosh darn commercial is a riot.

Thought, I would lighten yours and my night. You have to watch this! It's a must and you must share it with others. It is arguably this year's best musical advertisement.

(I'm sorry I am having difficulties posting the video so copy and paste the url into a new browser window to watch, sorry for the inconvenience)

Enjoy and sleep tight!


  1. That's so funny about the McD's commerical because Andy had me quit talking when it came on last night while we were watching TV. He did mention it was Aaron's commerical. :-)