Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love the life you're Livin'

In honor of the challenge I gave you last week, Aaron and I decided to enjoy our beautiful city we call home. One wonderful thing about living here in Chucktown is the fact that Spring arrives a little earlier and Summer stays a little longer. Love it!

Today, it was actually quite chilly for the Charleston Bridge Run. The Charleston Bridge Run equals mucho traffico and much personas.
Because of this fact, I convinced Aaron (after two days of talking it up) that we should walk to Marion Square and enjoy the chaos by foot. So we did. We (I), had originally planned to start walking when the race started so we would arrive at the finish line at the same time as the Kenyans. Aaron did not like that idea so much this morning, so I had to be patient. We left the house around 10:30 and headed out. How fun?

I had a blast. First, Aaron is the cutest. Second, Charleston is just fantastic.

We passed lots of runners and supporters. When we arrived to Marion Square all places seemed packed. We decided to hit up a locals coffee bar in hopes that all the tourists wouldn't be there (no offense, but Starbucks had a line out the door).

So we went here, Kudu.

I got one of these. And Aaron got a Vanilla Latte, as usual.

I got a Chai assorted flavor. It did not need anything to be added to it, no sugar or honey. It was delish all by itself.
We sat outside in their awesome courtyard. What a great place to spend your Saturday morning.

This is Aaron in deep thought.

Only kidding. He was looking at this.

We basically talked about this tree the entire time. Aaron says it is dying and about 100 years old. I love it when he tells me about this stuff. My cute landscaper!
We went home a different way and decided to stroll by the infamous 190 Smith Street!
Aaron lived here for three years will some of the greatest guys! He has such great friends from college and they have so many memories here. I actually lived here for a month when I first moved here too. Wow, how it has changed. Aaron and I both kinda just stood there and stared at it for a second. Crazy how fast time flies and how things have changed. Life always seems so much simpler looking back.

When we got home I got the best surprise. My first blog giveaway winning present! I won a giveaway last week and I have been so excited to tell you guys. Since I am new to blogging (since January) I never thought I would win a giveaway.

I did I did! So exciting.
I opened the package to find this:

What was inside was a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Love these. I have a feeling my Mom will try to take the bracelet.

A BIG BIG Thank you to Michael at
He is the owner of an adorable Bed and Breakfast in PA. Check out his blog, Inspired by Charm. He has great taste! Thanks again Michael!

Go out and enjoy your hometown and have a great evening!

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  1. Khak! A very deserving winner! Thanks so much for the shout out! i really, really appreciate it!