Friday, March 26, 2010

Candy Daze!

I fight commercialism tooth and nail, since ya know most holidays were invented for Hallmark to make money. Yeah right. That's what we are supposed to say these days.

I had forgotten how much I love Easter until yesterday. I took an unexpected trip to Rite-Aid and found myself searching for the Easter Candy Aisle. Somehow it took a few minutes and at first I thought "what the heck, they don't have Easter Candy Aisles anymore?". It was hidden but I found it.

Note to merchandiser: you might want to make it seen a little better, not hidden and 8 rows from the door.

Anyhow, I was in heaven and memories of the past quickly filled my mind. My grandmother, Mackie had the best candy jar ever. She is responsible for my love for M&M's. She had this candy jar that always always ALWAYS had M&M's in it. Sometimes they were green and red for Christmas and sometimes they were pastels for Easter. Depending on the time of year, you always knew you could dive your hand into that jar and get something sweet!

Aaron loves Peeps so I surprised him and bought him some of these.

He was so excited!
Chocolate Bunnies for everyone!

Notice all of the candy is on sale. Yippee!
I love these!

I bought some jelly beans for myself. Although, Aaron tore into these when I got home. We were making all different flavor combos, don't you love that!

Happy Candy Shopping!

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